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Aviva is one of the top car insurance companies in Singapore that has been widely known as one of the pioneers in the market. Aviva Singapore provides you with the best car insurance plan that will help you to save more money. What makes it so popular among the people of Singapore? The answer may lie in the excellent services and Aviva car insurance packages it offers to customers. Getting the insurance for your car with Aviva online can be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life as this first Direct Car Insurer provides you with 3 key benefits that you get to grab for free.

Aviva insurance introduces Claims Promise where whenever you have that inconvenient situation with your car, if Aviva insurance Singapore could identify that you are not at fault in the accident, your NCD will not be afflicted and you can avoid upfront excess payable. On top of that Aviva SG will help get you home safely after the unfortunate event takes place and with its Repair Guarantee policy you will be taken care of with the top Aviva Ltd Singapore car insurance plan.

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Looking for the right insurance package to equip your car with? Look no more as Aviva insurance Malaysia has the best car insurance plan for you. Aviva helps to provide you with the perfect insurance plan for you that is not just affordable but can be applied easily. The hardworking team behind the insurance company will always be there to assist your enquiries. You can always reach them whenever you need help, advice or want to know more information about anything Aviva offers. Here at Saleduck Malaysia we have the latest Aviva insurance promotion and deals online that will catch your attention. Subscribe to us to get exclusive deals and offers from Aviva. If you want to save more, you can always check out our Aviva promotional code and use it to enjoy great savings.


Aviva insurance has a list of excellent benefits to customers. Getting the right plan from Aviva for your car lets you get the best car insurance deal with benefits such as;

  • Guaranteed repairs policy for 12 months.

  • 14-day money back guarantee.

  • Aviva covers you if the accident is not your fault.

  • You can amend or renew your car insurance policy via online.

  • Provides transportation to keep you safe after the accident.

  • Free emergency roadside assistance.