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BabyDash is a baby online store in Malaysia, that has everything and anything you need for a baby. It was founded by two mothers Lavi and Shan, and the concept was pretty simple, they needed a convenient way to get diapers. So they created a shopping online, baby shop to help combat the frustration of constantly going out to get these essentials--instead you get these items delivered to you.

Shopping online has made it very convenient for a lot of us to get our daily essential. Being new parents, sometimes it's difficult to purchase items for our little bundle of joy in case we have a full time job and no time on our hands. Shop online with BabyDash, for baby products (baby stuff), baby wear online, and more baby shopping for your little toddler.

Babydash Discount codes and offers

Having a baby or a child is expensive, and if you're a parent who does not like to compromise on quality on your favourite brand to be savvy is to save with coupon codes and offers.

Most online shops in Malaysia has a lot of coupon codes for their shoppers, and BabyDash is also one of the online baby shop that provides them.

Discount code>> BabyDash does offer a ton of discount codes, apply these discount codes on their site to enjoy maximum discounts! If you miss out on any of the coupon codes, you'll not have to worry because we here at we'll be providing you with these coupon codes too.

Sale>> BabyDash has a section for sale items, do check out the sale items to enjoy 10% off, 30% off and sometimes 50% off on some of these items. The sale items list items from plush toys to baby food that are a steal!

Newsletter>> Sign up for BabyDash's newsletter and receive exclusive Babydash discount codes and offers up for grabs on their website.

Free shipping>> Enjoy free shipping on your baby products, baby gifts and etc with a minimum expenditure of RM 155.

Diapers and Wipes

It's known as an online baby store in Malaysia, so many brands of diapers and wipes are available on this site.

Brands like Merries, Huggies, Pampers and more are all available.

Formula and Food

As a parent it's only proper for you to make sure your baby gets the best formula and food there is.

There formula and food section has brands like Dutch Lady, Novalac, Enfa and more that are all known brands for baby supplements for your toddler.

Nursing and Feeding

Don't need to rush to the store incase you need a new nursing product. Order them right away from this online baby product store.

Bath and Skincare

It's also very important that we have the proper bath and skincare product for our toddler. If you do not use the right products with safe content it's highly for them to develop a rash.

Some of the brands featured are Buds, Johnson & Johnson, Pigeon and so much more.

They also have baby bathtub of various designs!

Care and safety

Care and safety is a section for you to make sure you keep your child safe.

Over at this category you can find anything baby-proof; from detergents to nose cleaner all the items are meant for kids!

Toys and books

Be it a baby gift for your child or a gift for the new born baby of a friend, there are plenty of toys available.

Get plush toys, baby books and ton of baby goods via this category.


The Gear section features things like baby car seat, diaper bag and more. The brands include Ergo Baby, Skip Hop and more!


One should always plan ahead when expecting their first child. Make sure you've designed and made your nursery ready for your little one. You'll be able to find a ton of new born baby products suitable for your nursery.

If you've not and are planning to head on over to the nursery section to purchase as many items as possible such as baby blanket online, baby accessories and more.


Shop for branded baby clothes, or cheap baby clothes here on BabyDash. Over here you can find baby clothes online including new born baby clothes that are also branded baby clothes too.

Shop for almost all brands available and all types of clothes available (baby rompers etc).


The school section is mainly for your child if he or she is going to nursery school. You can find items like Skip Hop mini bag to Lady bag key chains!


Need to present a gift to a baby? Head on over to the gifts section.

Other services

Blog>> New parents should check out the blog under BabyDash called " By Mummies for Mummies", for parenting tips food and etc!

Customer service>> Need to talk to someone in regards to a product or have an issue with an order? Contact the customer service.

Social Media>> Like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and Twitter for news and updates!