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Befit is an online fitness store for fitness enthusiast, sportsmen and for people who are looking to be build muscles. The online store was founded back in 2011, and has been serving all sorts of clients who are into fitness like, health supplements, and also body building accessories.

If you're question is "how to become fit?" and you're about to change your lifestyle to life fitness Befit is definitely the place to shop at. Hop on over to and you'd be spoilt for choice with the amount of fitness items that's been listed on the site.

Coupon codes and offers

For many of you who are into befit bootcamp and that is by powering up on supplements and health supplies it can get expensive. Besides running on treadmill or carrying weights with dumbbell; fitness is also about a eating a healthy dose of supplement.

Coupon codes and discount codes are the only way for anyone to save on their fitness expenditure.

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Shop By Category

Nutrition and workout support>> Fitness is more than workouts. As someone who's into fitness, it's not only about just fitness. You'll need to fuel up on vitamins and protein shakes. For example Befit has a lot of supplements for pre workout, post workout plus a whole lot more. If you have week knees for instance, Befit has an accessory for joint support.

Protein>> Protein should be taken either after or before workout. People who are into bodybuilding and mass weight gain should check out the Protein range Befit has to offer.

Bodybuilding accessories>> Bodybuilding accessories have items listed such as weightlifting gloves for both men and women, gym bag, lifting strap plus more. When working out, it's only safe to keep safe. Thus, you should always equip yourself with the proper gear.

Shop by brand

It's always safer to be taking supplements from a known brand. If you're sure on the brand you're looking for just browse the shop by brand section.

Some of the brands include, Core150, MHP, befit and whole lot more.


Also known as the "fitness article" is a blog by Befit Malaysia for everyone and anyone's who's into fitness. It features useful tips like "how to exercise when you're fasting", " fitness supplements for beginners" and more.


Contact them via Facebook, Instagram or ever drop them a call for any further inquiries and issues.


Visit your closest Befit outlet such as Sri Rampai, Bangi and more. All outlets are located on their website.