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Posted 03-03-2021
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When the paycheck comes in every month, most of us will treat ourselves with whatever has been sitting on our wishlist. Either a new pair of shoes or a handbag, red lipstick or new clothes, we surely love treating ourselves with anything that we’ve been eyeing on for the past month.


This time around, why don’t you give yourself something extra monthly with Lookfantastic Beauty Box? Don’t you want to surprise yourself with a special box every month?




The Lookfantastic Box is no ordinary subscription box. It’s a specially curated box that is filled with many skincare and body care products from various international brands in which you can choose from 1-month (S$38), 3-month (S$36), 6-month (S$35) or 12-month (S$34) rolling subscription plan. Your beauty box subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the respective month according to the plan of your choice.


What’s Inside?

Each Lookfantastic Beauty Box contains a specially curated collection of six selected beauty product, monthly. The products are chosen worth more than S$90 but you only have to pay a small portion of the chunk! The box is truly worth every penny!

Last month’s subscription box is filled with a star-studded line of great beauty products that covers all bases! February’s subscribers received a lid gloss, primer, makeup remover pads, body butter, glow mask and a choice of cream or facial peel!

Behold, The March Box:

The third month of the year is here and Lookfantastic is offering yet-another interesting goodies all packed in one, great box! The beauty box contains 7 products:



  1. Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil (50ml) - Suffering from dry hair? Say hello to your hair superhero! Other than its amazing repairing properties, it also prevents those nasty split-ends and also hair breakages. Worry not, it’s also suitable for dyed hair because Christophe Robin’s oil is so strong, it can penetrate deep into your hair.


  2. AHAVA Mineral Deadsea Mud Soap (Full-size) - Need a great soap that does the job to thoroughly clean without stripping your skin’s moisture? AHAVA’s soap is your answer. It’s suitable for those with combination to oily skin that helps you retain your natural moisture but still cleaning out all of the gunk that you get from everyday exposure to dust and dirt, outdoors and indoors.




  1. Bloom & Blossom Wonder Worker Multi-Tasking Balm (15ml) - This is your next favourite multi-tasking balm that can help hydrate your skin without feeling too greasy. You can use it on your body, lips and hands. It’s rich in Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Lanolin, three magical ingredients that can give your skin a conditioning, supple treat. Your skin will look silky-smooth and super moisturised.




  1. Lottie London AM to PM Retractable Black Eyeliner (full-size) - You can go to a brunch date or a night hangout with this black eyeliner that allows you to make a thin or a thick winged eyeliner for any occasions that you have. You can keep it simple or fluff it out for a grungy look, with eyeliner game on-point, from AM to PM indeed!


  1. Brushworks DUO Eye Brush (full-size) - Dual-ended brow brush makes your makeup routine easier especially when you’re travelling because you don’t have to pack too many brushes! You can define your brow arches with an angled cut brush and blend it with spoolie brush so your eyebrows can look like they’re sisters, not twins.


  1. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (10 pack) OR First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream (9.6g) - Now is the time for you to choose your desired product for your beauty box. For the radiance pads, imagine a toner where you don’t have to pour your toner, facing the overspill or too-little-toner drama because First Aid Beauty has got your back! The powerful combination of lactic and glycolic acid will transform your skin with minimised pores, less facial lines and heavy on the skin’s youthful glow. As for the First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream, the coconut water hydro charges your skin along with its electrolyte properties, leaving your skin feeling softer, smoother and healthier-looking. So which one is your pick?


  1. Polaar IceSource Ultra-Moisturising Mask (20ml) - Seal all of the goodness up with a mask rich in iceberg water that will make your skin super-hydrated and not just that, it also contains the ever-so-popular Hyaluronic Acid that will lock in your facial moisture so your skin will look moisturised and ‘boing-boing’ luminous.



Are You Intrigued, Yet?

All in all, many users jumped into the beauty box hype and fell in love instantly with it! Besides being budget-friendly but the products included in it are very exciting for you to try out. Still considering? Check out their fellow buyer's review!

“Signed up to receive the Beauty Box on a monthly basis. Was a bit sceptical as I had subscribed to similar boxes in the past, but I was really pleased with this one plus I received a free handbag-sized copy of Elle Magazine along with it. The beauty box had some really useful products such as a BB cream I hadn't heard of before, which is really good. The box gives me the opportunity to try different things without spending a fortune if they don't work out for me. The packaging was excellent too. Looking forward to receiving my next beauty box of goodies!” - Skellie


How Does This Work?

Usually, Lookfantastic will ship out your monthly box every first working day of each month and Lookfantastic will process your box payment subscription on the first working day each month based on your next despatched box. You don’t have to worry because your beauty box is included in Lookfantastic’s special free delivery offer!


Changed Your Mind? It’s Okay!

You have 14 days to cancel your subscription and don’t worry, you can approach Lookfantastic’s friendly support team for assistance regarding your beauty box! You can also opt to turn off the ‘Auto-Renewal’ function on your account. No worries, your box is safe! Should there be any damages, you can also refer to their customer service.


Are You A Discount Hunter?

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Written By: Shary Jimie


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