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Posted 01-10-2021
Posted by Shary

Install our extension for free with this LINK.

Are you a fellow online shopaholic who happens to be a discount hunter too? We understand that sometimes it can get pretty tiring to look for promotions online so you just decide to wait for certain popular sale dates like double date sale or festive season but now, you can shop anytime you want, thanks to Saleduck Coupon Extension! Phew, now you don't have to frantically search for Shopee vouchers, Lazada voucher codes or Zalora promo codes because our Saleduck Coupon Extension will do the hard work for you.

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Think of it as the U.S' super famous Honey Extension but for Malaysia! Saleduck Coupon Extension works pretty similarly to the former. With Saleduck Coupon Extension, you can view coupons automatically with our pop up that will show up every time you open your favourite online shopping platforms. Some of our selected merchants also have a special automatic application feature where you can finally shop and save, hassle-free!



Say goodbye to those nightmarish days when you googled for promo codes and once you reached the website, there are no codes to be found. Or worst, you actually found some but you can’t use any of them? Don’t worry, at Saleduck Malaysia, as a deal community we believe that you deserve promo codes that actually work 100% along with promotions that are still valid! (We don’t do any of that promo code clickbait jazz)



How To Get Saleduck Coupon Extension?

1. Make sure you’re on your PC (This feature is only available for PC for the time being).
2. Open your Google Chrome browser or install it if you haven’t.
3. Download this Coupon extension by clicking this coupon extension link.

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4. Yay, you can start shopping now!

Let's Get Started





While browsing for your favourite online shopping platforms, you can click on our extension to view any available deals and this includes both promo codes and promotions. You can even search for your desired shop from our search bar. 


One of the coolest features of this extension is that you can choose from all of our websites. From Malaysia to Denmark, Thailand to Belgium, Philippines to Indonesia, you have access to the best deals in selected countries all around the world. All you need to do is just select the Saleduck site you wish to visit and voila!

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View Coupons On The Spot When You’re Shopping Online
Go to your desired shopping website and your Saleduck Coupon Extension will pop out, showing you the available promo codes and promotions that day. For example, go to Shopee Malaysia to find out the latest Shopee promo codes and Shopee vouchers. Click ‘Show coupons’ to view more.

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After clicking ‘Show coupons’, you will see a similar pop up as shown below. Click ‘Copy Code’ if you wish to use it on your shopping cart. Feel free to browse until the final deal so you can discover more available promotions that might come in handy for your spree! Gone are those days when you have to scout of Shopee vouchers almost everywhere~

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Have Coupons Applied To Your Shopping Cart, Automatically!
For some of our chosen merchants, you can apply promo codes automatically, which means you don’t have to copy and paste. One of our chosen merchants is Zalora so you don't have to search for Zalora promo codes or Zalora vouchers and be left disappointed anymore! All you need is our Saleduck Coupon Extension.

When the extension pops out, just click ‘Apply’ and let the coupon extension do the searching for you!

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Here's what it's gonna look like once you click 'Apply': 

blog (4).png
Then it will automatically paste the code for you. Yes, it's as simple as that! The best part, Saleduck Coupon Extension will compare all available promo codes and apply the one with the highest discount. Online shopping can't get any easier than this, seriously.

Oh No, Still Can’t Find Your Extension?
Don’t panic! Look over your search bar on your Coupon and you will find our extension right beside it. Refer below (It’s the one with a duck logo):

Screenshot 2021-10-01 at 4.12.36 PM.png
If you still can't find it, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Settings on Coupon
blog chrome 1.jpg
2. Click on Extensions
blog chrome 2.jpeg

3. You'll be redirected to your extensions page and make sure that you switch 'ON' to enable your Saleduck Coupon Extension.


Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 10.22.02 AM.png

How Much Is This Coupon Extension?

4 (1).png

Online shopping is the new wave because it allows customers to save extra, so why should we charge you for our extension? Fret not, it’s completely free! Be sure to install our Saleduck Coupon Extension before the mega sale comes in like 11.11, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and 12.12


Psst, if you’d like to receive special promotions and our exclusive offers sent right to your inbox, you should definitely subscribe to our Saleduck Malaysia newsletter. Again, it’s free! Don’t worry, we won’t spam.

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A whole new level of online shopping convenience awaits! Don't forget to install our Saleduck Coupon Extension by clicking here. 


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