Singles Day 2020 Insight: Shopee vs Lazada

Posted 20-11-2020
Posted by Shary


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11.11 Sales bring a lot of joy to many, not just our beloved shoppers since they get to benefit the most from tons of our amazing discounts but also brands, sellers and marketers! This year, we managed to run yet another successful Singles Day Sales campaign, which would have been impossible without our community and partners' support!


Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of 25% off (7).png


Since Singles’ Day sale is said to be the biggest annual sale in Asia, Saleduck MY experienced a high traffic volume with many of our dear shoppers hungry for coupons and promotions.

From deals on our homepage sliders to social campaigns, for weeks on end, we worked hard daily to bring you the best deals in town! In the week leading up to D-day, we, duckies, were excited to see the number of clicks go up by a five-fold!

It is no surprise that our 11.11 winners for this year are Lazada and Shopee, as they became Saleduck’s Top Two Most Shopped Marketplaces; sought after for having amazing deals and discounts.

What did you and your friends get during the recent sale? Is it a new smartphone or new clothes? Well, you have your answer and if you’ve been wondering what the rest is up to, we are here to dish what we found out of this Singles’ day sale.



Shopee & Lazada Singles Day Promotions




Notable promotions on Shopee include the Shopee’s RM1 to Chup, 11 Sen deals and RM0 Free Shipping. 

While on Lazada, it is their 2 Hours Singles’ Day promotions, where LazMall offers insane deals from 12 am-2 am. Other than that, Shopee and Lazada also have ongoing bank deals that give credit card discounts for selected bank users.


Lazada: Performance Stats


network lazada.png


In conjunction with Singles’ Day Sale, Saleduck Malaysia has partnered up with Involve Asia to run another successful campaign where Lazada broke their own 11.11 record from 2019. 

Network-wide, for top-performing categories, it looks like the beauty section takes the cake with 16.44%, followed by groceries, electronics accessories, health, mother & baby and kitchen & dining. One of the biggest contributing factors is because many beauty brands went all-out with their mega promotions for Singles’ Day. This is no surprise since Lancome recorded one-day sales of over RM1 million, joining Lazada’s Millionaires Brand Club.


saleduck lazada.png


Similarly, we also found that many of our site visitors made purchases on beauty products, groceries and electronics. Followed by kitchen & dining, women’s shoes and clothing and household supplies. It seems like our shoppers now are collectively shifting to online shopping when it comes to buying their essentials.


top products lazada.png


Some of the hot items for Lazada are Cofoe disposable face masks, Milo 2kg packs and Tealive take away boba. From our findings, our users absolutely love good deals on Nestle and F&B vouchers like Secret Recipe, Baskin Robbins and Llao Llao. I mean, who wouldn’t love an awesome deal when it comes to food, right?


pie lazada.png


As expected, many people are shopping on the Lazada app as opposed to PCs these days. One of the possibilities is that their app is more convenient, considering the fact that Lazada’s biggest promotions were held during the wee hours.


Shopee: Performance Stats




Meanwhile, for Shopee, we worked to promote Singles’ day discounts and promotions with our partner Accesstrade. Again we see, Health & Beauty ranks as the top-performing category with 20%, with Home & Living falls second with 19.6%. It is then followed by Groceries & Pets 18.5%, Mobile & Accessories 7.9%, Women Clothes 5.6% and others.

One of the possible reasons for such results is that many shoppers went ham for Shopee’s 11 sen deals which mostly included Health & Beauty and Home & Living items like 11 sen beauty blender and 11 sen kitchen utensils. You might think that it’s too good to be true that those items are priced for only 11 sen but our shoppers who did manage to grab the 11 sen deals, they know that it’s real! One of our Duckies even has 20 parcels on the way, each filled with 11 sen goodies!


top products shopee.png


The thing that stood out to us the most was the Proton X50 sales. Other items that were also bought during Singles’ Day Sale included the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Nestle Milo 2kg pack and Rorec Facial Mask.


Top Referrals For Saleduck MY


url saleduck 11.11.png


Youtube web and Youtube Mobile took the biggest chunk as our top converting URLs for Singles’ Day Sale with a heaping percentage of 67.24%! Two of our webshops also got the Singles’ Day spotlight: Lazada (4.84%) and Shopee (2.13%).

In general, it seems like many shopped for health & beauty products, electronics and groceries during the recent sale. We even noticed that many of our community members are looking for specific brand discounts to use when they shop from their favourite brands on Lazada and Shopee.

We would like to thank all of our dear readers and shoppers for your utmost support! Stay tuned for more promotions in the future as we aim to continuously give you, our beloved readers and shoppers the latest deals in the community. 


Written by: Shary Jimie 



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