There are plenty of categories for eyewear, from Ray Ban sunglasses to Aviator sunglasses that are cheaper-- we've compiled a list of websites that offer great prices for these eyewear. Since we're in Malaysia, and it's pretty sunny here so trendy eyewear like sunglasses are pretty necessary over here. With the heat becoming getting hotter, popular demands for things like polarised sunglasses is what most of us need. So, don't waste your time on getting your sunglasses at a mall, when you can get a pair of sunglasses or maybe some fashionable contact lens that can be delivered to you. Perhaps you are not happy with the prices listed for a pair of Ray Bans at the closest eye wear shop, but with sites like Lazada, Glassesonline and Zalora you'll be getting the sunglasses at a much cheaper price of the exact quality.

Discounts and coupon codes for Eyewear

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Lazada>> An online clothes and accessories shop, Lazada offers plenty of fashionable eyewear for sunglasses like aviators, Ray Bans and so many more with a much cheaper price.

Glassesonline>> If Ray Ban isn't your favourable sunglasses brand, you can always look for other brands that are almost as good here on Glassesonline. Made easy to locate for items via their website, Glassesonline has become one of the best place to shop if you're looking for a bargain.

Zalora>> Looking for fashionable sunglasses? Zalora has plenty of other brans including Ray Bans aviators to look at, so sit back and relax and enjoy shopping with Zalora.