Service Deals

Sometimes you just gotta enlist the help of other and during times like these, our deals and discounts on services will be here to help you save. From flowers to grocery delivery, internet service providers to personal shopping and language lessons, browse Saleduck's "Services" category to enjoy added savings from popular companies such as Digi, Happy Bunch, Honestbee, Kaodim and much more.

Here are some of our top advertisers:

Honestbee >> Groceries and meals delivered right to your doorstep. Honestbee's concierge service is all about bringing you that extra layer of convenience. Last-minute grocery hauls are made even easier with this super efficient service.

Happy Bunch >> Get beautiful blooms starting at just RM42. Happy Bunch's minimalist bouquets are a fantastic mood-lifter so why not have them delivered to your loved ones for special occasions or whenever you want them to know that they're in your thoughts.

Kaodim >> Movers, plumbers, photographers and the list goes on. Kaodim is Malaysia's top-rated online marketplace that helps to connect individuals with professionals for odd jobs, services and much more.