11/11 Singles Day

11/11 Singles Day

11/11 Singles Day might be new to most Malaysians but it is much celebrated in China where some view it as a day where they celebrate the single hood life. Some of you might be wondering how the term 11/11 came about, it was originated from China where pressured university students felt they needed to tackle the society's standard of marriage. This rather informal event grabbed the attention of many back in the 1990s, especially among the single individuals. People look at the event as a rival for the much popular Valentine's Day. Held every year on the 11 November, the date 11.11 actually represents as a symbol for the special day and it has slightly evolved as a day to shop. While the shopping online trend has been growing tremendously it is considered as the best option to celebrate the Singles Day 11/11. However the Duckies at Saleduck Malaysia believe that whether you are single or not, there is nothing wrong to celebrate the day by shopping online for your favourite items or deals during 11/11 Singles Day China. Here we have all the best sale with great discounts that you can grab.

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