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Petsmore Malaysia

Taking care if a pet in Malaysia is important,and if you want to keep your pet healthy it's best you know how. As a pet owner it's best to do your research on good and reputable pet store. is an online pet shop in Malaysia (pet store). Petsmore Malaysia exhibits dog for sale, cat for sale and plus it's one of the few pet stores that's known to be a pet shop online. At their brick and mortar store, you can find pets for sale in Malaysia. Petsmore do not sell dogs and cats online-- you can however visit any of the Petsmore outlet to check out the dogs and cats for sale or even pet cage in Malaysia. Over at their outlets you can buy a dog, cat or even a hamster.

If you wish to do some research or shop or browse around for products like dog food, cat food and etc just log on and you'll be spoilt for choice with the many categories that they have.

Discount code and offers

For many of us, it can be very expensive to maintain a pet, and being animal lovers it's always wise to give them the best food and products.

With discount codes and offer, you'll get to save a lot as a pet owner. Petsmore Malaysia do offers on some items where you can get it 20% off, 30% off and etc.

Offers and coupon codes>> Petsmore occasionally throw in offers during festival. For instance "Hari Raya Special Offer", "Chinese New Year Offer" and etc. They currently do not offer any coupon codes, if they do we here at will be the first ones to let you know.

Sale>> Have a look at the sale category on their website to find out the kind of products and items that are on offer.


Pet lovers worry not, if you're not sure how much things like dog food, dog cage, dog accessories in Malaysia would cost, just do your research on this website.

It has dog cage for sale, pet shop bag, dog clothes and whole load of other products like dog kennel for sale, dog harness, dog carrier, dog collar plus more.

As for dog food you'll be able to find brands such as Acana dog food, Bio Pet products, Eukanuba, Pedigree, and so on.


Cats, and kittens are pretty independent, but it's still our duty to make sure that we have everything to keep our little feline friend comfortable.

At the cat's category of Petsmore Malaysia you'll be able to find enclosures and items for your fur friends like cat cage, cat carrier, cat house and lots more. As owners we would also like to accessorise our pet cat with cat harness, cat accessories (cat collar) and etc.

If you're tired of your cat sleeping on the couch spoilt them rotten with a cat bed, and give them cat toys to play with.

The different brands of food for your cat are aplenty. Petsmore has brands such as, Eureka cat food. Proformance cat food, Sheba cat food and the list goes on.

Save some time worrying if your cat gets fed by getting the Cat Feeder.


Why dive into the deep blue see when you can bring the deep blue sea to the comfort of your own home.

Petsmore Malaysia sells aquariums online, meals for fish and accessories for you aquarium. Window shop online and see what's in store or how we'd say it online.

Small animal

Have a hedgehog, hamster or perhaps a rabbit? Get all products related to your tiny fur kid like hamster cage, hamster food, rabbit food and etc.

Over at this category you can also find items for hamster like habitrail, hamster ball, accessories for the cage and so many more.

Pets care

It's important to make sure you've gotten all the items necessary to keep your pet clean.

The Pet's care category is a section where you can find items like dog shampoo, cat shampoo. Brushes and etc.

If you're looking for something specific, like a Frontliner, Odor free sprays you can also get them on Petsmore.

Other Services

Grooming services>> Need to cut some sharp claws or fur? Petsmore also has grooming services, have a look at their price chart for different sizes and types of grooming they offer.

Contact them>> Have a special enquiry or some questions that needs immediate attention? Contact them via phone or drop them an e-mail.

Social Media>> Follow them on facebook and instagram to keep up with the latest updates of their online store

Store locator>> Locate the closest store online.