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Shogun2u Malaysia

If you're familiar with Shogun Japanese Restaurant, then Shogun2u is a part of Shogun. The only difference is, Shogun2u will be providing online food delivery around Malaysia. The menu consist not only of Japanese cuisine but also cuisines like Korean, Chinese, Western, Thai and many more. These meals are prepped, cooked and served by a group of chefs, so yes the meals and food that you get are high quality and definitely delicious!

Shogun was founded in 1985 by Glory DMC Holdings and Glory Wheels Sdn Bhd originally from Japan, and Shogun2u Malaysia is the 3rd generation product of Shogun, delivering food that they make themselves to your doorstep. The menu prices are all stated on their menu online. You can also get some of the food from Shogun restaurant menu on it too!

So if you fancy, something Asian like Korean during your lunch time, you can also opt for example the Korean menu, and get your Korean food delivery fix from Shogun2u. Perhaps, since it's originally Japanese you can always get some Sushi or go through their Japanese style buffet menu for more options. Prices quoted, are quite reasonable given the fact that it is made by acclaimed chefs and you'll be getting one of the best ingredients and preparation from town.

You can also check out the menu and browse through the different cuisines, that has a little bit influence from Malaysian food. Skip the fast food delivery, and settle for a healthy meal with Shogun2u. You'll be surprise with the deals and offers for both lunch prices and dinner prices are all the same , everyday!


Japanese>> Get your Japanese fix with the Japanese menu where they serve have food options like sushi whereby it features new Shogun sushi, main dishes such as rice dishes noodle dishes, and side dishes like Chuka Idako,Chuka Kurage and so on. Everything is prepared from scratch and cooked by acclaimed chefs.

Korean>> Fancy a plate of Kimchi? Get your main dishes from the Korean menu such as Dak-Galbi, Kimchi Bokkeumpbap and etc for a very reasonable price. You can go through their Korean menu online and will be spoilt for choice.

Western>> Get your Western food from Shogun2u Malaysia like Chicken Chop, Fettucine Chic Bolo, Grilled Lamb Shoulder and Salmon Steak, and more.

Chinese>> If you love Chinese cuisine you'll definitely love the Chinese menu that consist of a section for main sets, meal sets, and also a combo meals. It has food such as Black Pepper Beef set, Braised Mushroom Chicken Set, Black bean chicken seat and many more.

Thai>> Check out the Thai cuisine from the Thai menu where they serve their ever famous Thai Green Curry, and Seafood Fried rice. Cooked and serve fresh!

Snacks>> If you're looking for something to munch on without worrying too much about the calories, you can always check out the snack menu. From Almond cookies to Biscotti it would be a great snack time for anyone.

Vegetarian>> Want to skip meat this time? Or perhaps you do not where to get a good scrumptious vegetarian meal? You can try out their signature vegetarian dish and sweet sour chicken for a change, thats has the taste of Malaysian food.

Deserts>> They have a wide selection for deserts from Japanese deserts like Mochi to Italian style desert like Tiramisu. Pick your option that savours your sweet tooth!

Beverages>> The beverage menu is made out of healthy and refreshing style drinks, check the menu for more details

Kids Meal>> Check out the kids menu, and pick out a scrumptious meal for your child!

Shake and go>> You can choose between a fruit salad in a cup or a savoury salad.

Nyutori>> If you're planning to throw a small party, check out the Nyutori meal that can serve up to 8 pax, it is a good deal for food promotion, if you're planning to buy in a bulk.

Steamboat>> Have a steamboat party at the comfort of your own home! Order it with Shogun2u Malaysia now.

Promotions and deals

Voucher and promo code>> Get you discount code and coupon code from us here at we will provide you with daily codes all year round. You can also check out their website daily for these codes.

Credit card promotion>> Purchase a meal with your credit card and enjoy exclusive discounts, for example the current promotion is with UOB credit card/ debit card. Shogun does throw in offers for certain credit cards , check out their store for more current promotions and offers.

Best deals>> Check out their best deals and promo for great savings and offers on their menu.

Shogun Delivery

An impressive feat at Shogun2U is their dedication to customer satisfaction. They make it a commitment to deliver your food in approximately 1 hour even though their food is not fast food. All orders are cooked individually to ensure quality. They even take their time to personally inform you if your order runs later then 1 hour. How's that for service?

Other Services

Free delivery >> They'll provide free delivery if you sign up as a member, plus if you spend a minimum of RM25 on your purchase.

Customer Service>> Their contact number is listed on their homepage for inquiry and issue. If you have any question you can also drop them an email too.

Social Media>>Follow them Instagram and Facebook and keep up with the latest updates for offers and deals with Shogun2u.

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