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Uber Malaysia

Using public transport to get around in Malaysia used to be quite a challenge because of traffic jams, infrequent buses and taxi and cab issues. But with car sharing apps like Uber, getting a ride to where you want to go is now quite hassle free and easy.

But what is Uber? Uber is an app that allows you to hail a ride using your smartphone after you install Uber app into your phone. Registered users can select a nearby Uber car and order a ride to any location in the city you're in with just a click of a button.

How does Uber work? Download the Uber app on your mobile :- Apple, iPhone, Android or even Windows, sign up for an account from thereon all you have to do is key in your location, request an Uber, wait for your Uber driver to arrive, key in your drop off location and just like that you'll arrive at your location.

What about Uber fare and payment method? The uber cost calculation when your ride with it may vary. Firstly, you'll need to register your credit card, if you don't have a credit card you can always register your debit card. The fares for Uber changes depending if it's during peek hours, during peek hours you'll get a notification saying " Uber surcharge". You don't have to worry if the driver won't use the meter or overcharging because the fare rate is fixed, and will be charged directly to your credit or debit card. No cash exchanges hands between you and the driver. No tipping is required nor expected.

Uber Malaysia emphasises on service, so all the cars are clean and tidy, and drivers are polite and safe. You get to view your driver's picture and vehicle details, and can always rate your Uber experience and driver, and give a bad rating if the situation warrants it.

Uber Promo Code Malaysia

Uber Malaysia promo code >> Uber routinely offers various types of discounts, vouchers and promotions. These can be in the form of free rides, cash vouchers, promo codes and coupons. The fare rate is also quite reasonable, and is competitively priced when compared to local taxi fares. We here at we'll be providing you with daily Uber promo code, vouchers and promotions.

Discounts and free rides >> Every now and then Uber will reward its riders with free rides every now and then. Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter to get more information on these news and discounts.

Uber first ride free >> If you're a first time user of Uber, you're in luck as Uber will throw in up to RM40 worth of Uber credit. Besides, all of the promotion that are available are mainly for first time users, so either way you'll definitely get your free ride.

Uber Promo code for existing user >> Uber users also can enjoy free rides through a referral service. That means the more friends and family members you recommend Uber to, you will get to enjoy Uber rides totally free. What's even better is that those friends you refer will also get free rides or a discount, depending on the current promotion, when they sign up for Uber. So it's a win-win situation for all!

Uber service

Uber Malaysia currently offers 3 services, UberBlack, UberX and UberXL. UberBlack is the original Uber service, and offers a comfortable ride experience at a comparable price with local taxis.

UberX is dubbed the low cost Uber, and usually utilises small compact cars or energy efficient vehicles. The fare rate is roughly half of what UberBlack charges, so if you're looking for a really cheap way of getting around, then this should be your option.

UberXL is designed for large groups of passengers. UberXL cars are usually SUVs or minivans and are able to carry up to 6 passengers at a time. The rate fare is higher than UberX obviously, but is still below that of UberBlack, making it the perfect ride choice whenever you are planning an outing with a big group of friends.

Uber to KLIA

One of the most common utilisations of ride hailing apps in Malaysia is for a ride to KLIA. It is quite easy to find drivers that are willing to take you to the airport as it is one of the most lucrative routes for UBER. Just input your destination as KLIA and you can be sure that there will be more than a few drivers that would be interested to take up your trip.

Uber drivers

So you want to make some cash on the side, preferably on your free time and doing so by managing it by yourself? Well, if that's the case all you have to is log on to, register your car and yourself as a driver and that's it, you'll be all set as an Uber driver.

You can also choose to become an Uber driver. Uber's business model allows normal individuals to become an Uber partner. You sign up as a driver, download the Uber driver app version and drive your own car, on your own schedule in your city. Best part is, you earn as much as you want, whenever you want.

Uber Career

Uber Malaysia has job opening across the world, depending on your interest all you have to do is browse through the career section and you'll be amaze by the amount of job openings and opportunities. Once you've find out on what would suit you best all you have to next is send in an application, by clicking "apply now". Easy!

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