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Discover a wide range of lingerie and underwear options at Triumph Malaysia. From bras to panties, explore their collection for comfortable and stylish intimates.

Triumph Vouchers for Malaysia in July 2024

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· Use your browser to search for the official website of Triumph. Fill in the type of bra that you'd like and click the thumbnail.

· On getting to the product page, you will find more details about the searched bra. Triumph is notorious for offering sexy and comfortable bras, so it may be best to compare before choosing your ideal bra(s). Therefore, click "BACK" to go back and see more. Once you're satisfied, choose particular details of the bras, like color, size, and shape, and click to "ADD TO BAG." This is followed by a pop-up window with the recently added bra(s) details.

· Then click "VIEW BAG" to affirm the bra(s) in your cart or click "CHECKOUT" to begin the checkout procedure. You can also close the window to continue shopping, so click the "X" sign at the top right corner of the page. If done shopping, click the small cart icon on the page's top right to begin the checkout process.

· This will direct you to another page where you will fill in your shipping and contact details and click "REVIEW AND PAY." If you have a Triumph account, you can use it for the process. Your Google, Yahoo, and Facebook account still work.

· The Triumph coupon code should be filled in the order summary section. You will see the textbox labelled "ENTER YOUR PROMO CODE." Do that and click "APPLY." Your new bra(s) price will show up.

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· Make your payments with the available methods. If the order is successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

· Rock your Triumph bra(s) once they arrive as stated in your order.


Enjoy amazing discounts from the Triumph Malaysia price by shopping online. For any of your favorite lingerie, their designers take the time to create beautiful pieces that do not compromise on comfort. You can have them at a click of a button and with reduced prices. Get online and find yours, from everyday must-haves to the perfect shape and lifts. With orders of over RM350, you can also enjoy free delivery.

Bra Fittings

Worried that your online order may fall away from your perfect fit? Triumph Malaysia Bra offers virtual fittings for you. All you ought to do is get on their website and book your online bra fitting now. You can also utilize their bra size calculator.

Promo Code

Awaken the goddess with the ideal bra at a great Triumph bra price this April. They offer new discounts and promotions monthly. If you have never bought from the brand, you can enjoy RM25 off on your first order over RM280. Loyal customers are not left out. The free gift from a $75+ purchase awaits you, or buy 2 bras and get $35 off. What are you waiting for? Don't miss out on getting the codes today!

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Get your gift code and enjoy more without dipping into your pockets. Check the bra Triumph website to be among the first to get the gift. Hurry while stocks last. Members can relish special discounts and vouchers for quality lingerie at the best prices.

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Join to earn points on every purchase, get birthday offers, and access to exclusive events. Enjoy special treatment just for being a member.

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At Triumph you can use the following payment options: Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Hoolah & Grab.
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Triumph Malaysia

Perhaps the most important comfort is the invisible one. A great bra is a woman's true companion. Triumph International has survived the ups and downs, dealing in corsets, brassieres, and corselets. The industry leader in women's and sleepwear since the 1960s still graces our closets several decades later and is going nowhere anytime soon.

You can now get the amazing pieces from Triumph, the Swiss underwear brand, in Malaysia. Triumph bra Malaysia has every comfortable and stylish bra you can think of. If you own one of these bras, you may have noticed something out of the ordinary. These bras are made with the wearer in mind through quality workmanship and premium materials, so they have everything you want in your everyday bra. Besides, they also meet the needs of women of all sizes and their varying preferences. They have and make them all, from the push-up, floral, t-shirt, and wireless bras. Get in touch with them for an online fitting and have your bra made from scratch!

Triumph push-up bra

Spice up your confidence with this sexy Triumph bra. These bras give the perfect appearance if you wish to impress onlookers with your cleavage. They also go beyond looks to ensure comfort and style. The Sexy Cushion Bra assortment has got you covered with all the shapes, sizes, and colors you may be looking for. Various designs gather, hold, and lift your bust to look sassy and seductive in that deep V-neck bodycon dress with all the cushioning you need. Do you wish to try the dating scene? Or maybe to ignite your lost flame with your boyfriend or hubby? Then finding the perfect push-up bra could be a great place to start.

Triumph t-shirt bra

Is it too much to ask for a soft, smooth bra that brings out your figure? Not with Triumph's t-shirt bra! With seamless finishes, you are guaranteed of all day long comfort. Moreover, the bra is almost invisible under tight-fitting clothing to bring out a poised you. Your smooth and seamless shape under your dress, t-shirt, and blouse doesn't have to be a hassle anymore. These bras are lightly padded to keep off any bumps and lumps and feature various colors and styles. T-shirt bras are your ticket to everyday comfort!

Triumph bra wireless

Tired of the scarring to your breast sides? A great day starts with a great bra underneath, and wireless bras couldn't be more perfect. They incorporate modern designs and superior comfort. The excellent designers use wide under bands and extra hooks to ensure they are no less than the wired bras regarding support. With high-quality materials and extra flat seams, you can forget about your lovely skin's unpleasant pinching or cutting. Still, you can choose from the various designs to find one that suits your style and preference. If you like the non-wired bras, you may also develop a liking for their non-padded bra collection. Need a bra makeover? Triumph is your one-stop shop for the ultimate comfort and sensuous looks.

Triumph Online

An unrivaled bra brand offers a snug fit, comfort, and style, and Triumph bra Malaysia always works to meet and exceed its customers ' expectations. You can enjoy amazing sales with coupon codes and discounts to get quality bras at great prices. Watch out for their website to ensure you benefit from the promotional deals!

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