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Discover the best discounts and deals available right now! Our journey began in Belgium, where our success story started with the launch of Solden.be in 2012. Expanding further, Saleduck spread across 8 European countries, becoming a loyal partner for discount hunters. In 2016, Saleduck Asia emerged, with our operational hub based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Now, we bring this thrifty shopping spirit to Malaysia, offering a more affordable and enjoyable online shopping experience. You can find a variety of promo codes and attractive discounts for all online stores.

Table of Contents 

  • Why Saleduck
  • How We Help You Save More
  • All Promos are Verified
  • How We Work
  • Testing Promo Codes on Saleduck
  • What If a Promo Cannot Be Used?
  • Strong Support Team for Presenting All Promos
  • How We Make Money

Why Saleduck

With just one site and one click, you can save on every product you desire. Saleduck has partnered with several leading online stores and services in Malaysia to provide you with the best promo codes and deals on all your purchases today. We invite you to join our community and enjoy the benefits of exclusive offers that you can only find on Saleduck!

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How We Help You Save More

We understand that online shopping has become a new lifestyle for saving your expenses. Shopping online can be much more economical, especially when you know the right promos. That's why Saleduck is here and committed to helping you get the latest information on various promos that we have summarized on our site. We provide free access for you to get promo codes, exclusive discounts, and attractive offers verified by our team. By using promo codes and discounts available on Saleduck, you can save more money on every online shopping transaction.

We will also provide various information about major promo schedules that you can learn about, such as the 10.10 promo, 11.11 Single’s Day, Black Friday Sale, Christmas promos, and other major promotions. With this, you can stay updated on the latest promo and discount information and maximize the benefits of every purchase with Saleduck, because helping you save is our mission.


All Promos are Verified

We are committed to providing accurate promo and offer information. Our team always ensures that the promo codes and discounts on our site can be used when you make transactions. This way, we ensure that you not only get quality products but also a more economical shopping experience with verified offers.

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How We Work

On the Saleduck website, you can find various promo codes, attractive discounts, and tips for smart online shopping that you can apply when making transactions on your preferred online stores available on Saleduck. To feature hundreds of Malaysia's most popular online stores, Saleduck collaborates with various affiliate partners worldwide or directly with available online shopping sites/brands. Through these partnerships, we bring you a wide range of favorite online stores with enticing offers for you to enjoy.

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We have partnered with many affiliate partners such as Optimise Media, Involve Asia, Rakuten, ChineseAN, Impact, Awin, and other affiliate partners. They help us stay connected with brands or online stores collaborating with us and provide information about upcoming promotions and offers, allowing us to upload promo codes and offers promptly for all online stores and brands partnering with Saleduck.

Additionally, we also collaborate directly with some brands or online stores such as Lazada, Trapo, Trip.com, Puma, JD Sport, and several other partners. Through these direct collaborations and communications, we can deliver various promotional information more accurately and provide access to exclusive promos that you can only find on Saleduck.

We hope to continuously expand our network of partnerships with other affiliate partners and bring in more brands or online stores for you to enjoy so that we can reach more customers and assist you in saving while shopping online.


Testing Promo Codes on Saleduck

Before promo codes and offers are displayed on our site, our dedicated team will test the codes and offers to ensure that every promo on Saleduck can be used by users.

The various lists of promos and offers available on Saleduck are usually usable by all users, except for promos intended for new users or specific users. We also strive to be transparent by ensuring all essential information such as promo end dates and terms & conditions can be seen on each promo and offers available. To view additional information, you can click the 'Terms & Conditions' button to get more details.


What If a Promo Cannot Be Used?

Our team always strives to provide the latest verified promos and offers. However, sometimes online stores may update their promotions before we update the promo list on our site.

If you come across a promo or offer that cannot be used, first check if there are any specific conditions attached such as minimum transaction, applicable to certain products, or for specific users. You can find all the details by clicking 'View terms and conditions.'

If you're still experiencing issues, feel free to contact our customer support. Please let us know the promo code or offer that cannot be used. We will assist you as soon as possible.


Strong Support Team for Presenting All Promos

All the promo codes, discounts, and best deals you can find on Saleduck are the result of collaboration between affiliate networks, brands, and our dedicated team. We strive to filter, acquire, and present the best promos to help you save money while shopping online and to provide an enjoyable shopping experience. We are committed to consistently delivering attractive promos by conducting detailed verifications for online shopping enthusiasts. Therefore, the promo codes and offers on Saleduck are truly usable, published promptly, and verified.

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How We Make Money

By collaborating with various affiliate networks and directly partnering with popular brands and online shopping sites from various countries. We help them to disseminate promotional information, services, and promote the products they offer on our site. To date, we have offered thousands of attractive promos and deals for you to enjoy. Through these partnerships, we earn commissions from every transaction that comes from our site. Each click and transaction you make contributes to our sustainability and commitment to expanding our service reach.


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Other revenue streams we generate come from advertising fees for the placements we offer. These partnerships range from affiliates and agencies, to direct collaborations without affiliate partnerships. They advertise promotional information, services, and desired products to reach a wider audience on our site and traffic.


So, if you're planning to shop online today, don't forget to check out the promo codes and discounts, and get the best prices from the exclusive offers available on Saleduck.