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PUMA promo code Malaysia - September 2023

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PUMA Size Chart

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Be rewarded for your loyalty. Puma AdvoCat is a loyalty program that rewards you for your purchases with Puma. Earn points for every dollar you spend, and redeem them for discounts, exclusive products, and more.

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Yes, there are currently 8 active deals online. Click on the link to see the latest active PUMA promo code or voucher.
Most of the PUMA promo codes have an expiration date. Some might run for a couple of days whereas others run for a month. They often have a limited number of vouchers available. Check out the latest PUMA promo codes here..
You may contact their customer service via email: or call: 1800-819-821.
Yes, all you need to do is to shop with a minimum purchase of RM200 to qualify for free shipping.



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PUMA is a globally known sports outlet that has been around since 1984. They offer high-quality sports collection for both women and men as well as kids. They have a wide array of running shoes, sports shoes, and athletic wear that will guarantee your comfort while you sweat it out. With top A-listers as ambassadors, you can bet they are worth every cent. PUMA is also now environmentally conscious with goals to be a sustainable company by the end of 2020. PUMA is not only great for your go-to sportswear but they are also streetwear-savvy. You can feel comfortable while looking sporty anywhere.

As one of the leading brands for sportswear, PUMA continuously strives to provide nothing but the best for the athletes and general masses. PUMA's values are what make them a great brand. As a brand, they are not afraid to take risks. They make unexpected choices based on their strong instincts to push forward in the sporting world.

PUMA Sneakers

There's a PUMA shoe and style for everyone from performance style for golfing, motorsport, football, and basketball and general sports shoes for lighter activities. Not only are their shoes tremendous but they also have excellent quality sportswear like clothes and sports accessories. Be sure to go on their website to browse all their selections. They also have a trending category for you go-getters who are always making sure they are in-trend and never stuck in 2004.

They also have a new Rider collection based on their iconic 1980s look only it's now with a fresher look. They dynamically combine futuristic and retro designs with exciting vibrant colour combos and added nostalgic style for the next casual, street-style generation. Everyone needs a pair of comfortable sneakers in their shoe collection and PUMA sneakers have a great collection of style and colours that will suit everyone.

Besides their sneakers and sportswear shoes, they also have other great styles like their PUMA suede collection. They have various designs available for men, women and children for that extra finesse touch. All PUMA products are very affordable and made for the general mass. You don't need to break the bank to style your feet with dress-up sneakers.

PUMA Suede

Puma Suede is a timeless and versatile athletic shoe that has become a staple in many wardrobes. Its unique design, durability, and comfort make it a popular choice for both sports enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals.

The Suede is characterized by its distinctive design, which features a low-cut profile, a rounded toe, and a durable suede upper material. The shoe was initially designed for basketball players but quickly became popular as a casual shoe for everyday wear.

Over the years, the Puma Suede has been produced in a wide range of colors and has been worn by many celebrities and cultural icons. It remains a popular choice for those who seek stylish and comfortable shoes that can be worn for various activities, from sports to casual events.

The Puma Suede features a cushioned midsole for added comfort and a non-marking rubber outsole for traction and durability. It is also available in a wide range of sizes and widths to accommodate a variety of foot shapes and sizes.


The Puma RSX (Running System X) is a modern athletic shoe produced by Puma, a German sportswear company. It was first introduced in the late 1980s and is part of the brand's RS technology family, which focuses on providing cushioning and support for runners.

The Puma RSX features a combination of innovative technologies, including a lightweight and breathable upper material, a supportive midsole, and a durable outsole for traction. These technologies work together to provide a comfortable and responsive ride for runners.

The shoe's design is also modern and sleek, with a low-cut profile, bold color combinations, and a distinctive Puma logo on the side and tongue. The Puma RSX is available in a variety of sizes and widths, making it suitable for a wide range of foot shapes and sizes.


You have to check out PUMA RS-X line if you are a collector. They have amazing designs and you do not want to miss out. Browse through Rubik's design, rose gold patterns, Sonic line, Tetris, MTV, Trophy, Bold, Puzzle, and more.

PUMA Future Z

The Puma Future Z features a unique and innovative design, including a knitted upper material that provides a comfortable and supportive fit, as well as a lightweight and flexible soleplate that enables quick and agile movement on the pitch. The boot is also equipped with Puma's GripControl Pro technology, which enhances ball control and helps players execute precise moves and shots.

The shoe's design is also stylish and modern, with a sleek and streamlined silhouette, bold color combinations, and a distinctive Puma logo on the side and tongue. The Puma Future Z is available in a variety of sizes and widths, making it suitable for a wide range of foot shapes and sizes.

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