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Alibaba promo code

Discover a wide range of products on Alibaba, the leading online marketplace in Malaysia. Find everything from electronics and fashion to home appliances and beauty products. Shop with confidence and get great deals from trusted sellers.

Alibaba promo code Malaysia - July 2024

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Alibaba: Shop for women's apparels from as low as RM20

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At Alibaba, you can use the following payment options: Western Union and more.
You can contact Alibaba customer service in the following way:

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Alibaba Malaysia

Alibaba is widely known internationally as one of the leading online platforms which offers global wholesale trade since its launch in 1999 by Jack Ma. This B2B (Business-to-Business) online marketplace has connected millions of vendors and suppliers around the globe. Backed by Alibaba Group, its mission is to provide the best online platform for e-commerce businesses to utilize the essence of dropshipping and wholesaling. Its well-designed website and functions allow suppliers and vendors to connect and transact at ease.

Alibaba Wholesale

It houses millions of products in every category you can imagine from fashion to electronic goods. As a vendor, you can purchase desired products in bulk for larger discounts on Alibaba which would bring your cost of goods down significantly. Alternatively, you can contact Alibaba supplier through its on-site chat function to communicate with the suppliers for price negotiations or even requesting additional product information.

Alibaba Dropshipping

Alibaba also provides dropshipping services for all vendors around the globe. Simply use Obelo to find and add Alibaba product to your online stores then sit back and relax. Alibaba suppliers will handle all your shipping fulfilment so you can skip the time-consuming shipping process and focus on other aspects of your business.

Alibaba Shopping for Individuals

Other than pioneering dropship and wholesale businesses, it is absolutely the go-to online marketplace for any individual online shoppers that are looking for unbeatable low prices. All of the products listed on Alibaba are directly shipped from the manufacturers' warehouse. This makes a significant difference in the pricing because it does not involve a third-party vendor that would result in a price mark-up.

Alibaba Promo Code

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