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Kinokuniya promo code

Kinokuniya sale Malaysia - September 2023

Kinokuniya Promotion: Enjoy free wristlet pouch on your 2nd title purchase

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Kinokuniya Promo: Explore the magic of filmmaking with this 15% off on selected titles

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Kinokuniya Sale: Enjoy 15% off on Magical Chapter Books

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Enjoy 15% off on drawing books during this Kinokuniya sale

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Kinokuniya Promo: Get 15% off on selected Chinese books

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Kinokuniya Promotion: Get 15% off on cooking related Chinese books

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Apply for the Privilege Card and get a 10% off discount on all online purchases!

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Shop for manga now and enjoy up to 10% off

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Get rewarded when you shop online & grab e-coupons up to RM40

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Shop BookTok recommendations and save up to 30% OFF

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Kinokuniya Books: Shop at Young Adult section from RM39.90

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Attack on Titan Kinokuniya - Buy yours online from RM46.29

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Shop for Japanese comics and manga at Kinokuniya starting from RM29

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Kinokuniya Promo: Enjoy 15% off on international bestsellers titles

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Kinokuniya Promotion: Save 25% off on selected titles

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Kinokuniya manga online store: Latest manga starting from RM47 only

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Kinokuniya tomie by junji ito: Get Tomie: Complete Deluxe Edition for RM180 only

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Kinokuniya Merchandise: Get your very own Kinokuniya Merchandise starting from RM4 only

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How to use promo code on Kinokuniya

  • When you first open the Kinokuniya website, you will be shown a page where you can select your country of residence. The countries available currently for selection are Japan, USA, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, U.A.E, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

  • When you select your country, you will be redirected to another Kinokuniya page corresponding to the country selected. Here, you will see available products in your 'Kinokuniyan' products in your country.

  • Click on your desired product and click "Add to cart" on the redirected product page.

  • The product will be added to your cart. Repeat that process with your other products of choice.

  • Having completed adding all your items (to be more specific books) to your cart, click on the cart icon at the top right of the page.

  • Enter your promo code and click "Apply". As shown below:


  • The discount will be applied immediately and your new bill will be displayed to you.

  • Click on "Checkout" and if you had not signed in or signed up, a page with sign up and login sections will appear. You can also check out without doing the above with guest checkout.

  • Log in or sign up, fill in your shipping and billing details and pay using your preferred methods of payment

  • You will receive your order depending on your shipment option eg through priority shipment, you will receive the available books first.

  • You can also collect your ordered books yourself from their administration office which is always open from Monday to Friday except on holidays.

  • Don't also forget that there are membership discounts so as a member, you don't have to struggle to look for promo codes.


Kinokuniya Promotions

Here at Saleduck Malaysia we have all the book promotion from Kinokuniya Malaysia, and only on our website you get to enjoy this amazing book sale. As a popular online deal community we offer you with the best online book sale where you can get your hands on the selection of book ranging with the best price in Malaysia. Whether it's a special Kinokuniya coupon code, storewide promotions of special deals on genres or book titles, we stay on top of the latest promotions by Kinokuniya and feature them on our site the minute they go live so that you're always kept in the loop on the latest savings.

Kinokuniya Privilege Card

If you are a member, you get to enjoy 10% off when you use your Kinokuniya Privilege Card. Apart from that you can even score more great discount up to 20% off during Kinokuniya Malaysia's Storewide Promotion. This famous book online shop also offers you with excellent services and one of them is gift-wrapping service. The Kinokuniya gift wrapping service is available for free and you can even include a gift card with your own personal message.

You just missed these Kinokuniya promo codes:

15% off Kinokuniya Promo: Enjoy up to 15% off on Motivational titles 27-09-2023
15% off Buy Psychological books wuth up to 15% off during Kinokuniya promotion 27-09-2023
15% off Get self enrichment books with up to 15% off now during Kinokuniya sale 27-09-2023
15% off Kinokuniya Sale: Save 15% off on Malaysian history books in chinese language 31-08-2023
15% off Kinokuniya Promotion: Get 15% off on health related chinese books 31-08-2023

People also want to know

Yes, there are currently 18 active deals online. Click on the link to see the latest active Kinokuniya promo codes.
Most of the Kinokuniya promo codes have an expiration date. Some might run for a couple of days whereas others run for a month. They often have a limited number of vouchers available. Check out the latest Kinokuniya promo codes here..
At Kinokuniya you can use the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard
To become a Kinokuniya member, you can fill up the registration form online or visit their store in Suria KLCC to apply. A fee of RM38 applies for 1-year membership or RM76 for 2 years.
You can get a Kinokuniya privilege card by signing up through their website or in store.
Kinokuniya has sales occasionally throughout the year, such as during their anniversary or holiday periods.


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Kinokuniya is a very famous bookshop chain from Japan and it offers an amazing selection of books ranging from a wide variety of topics and types. Kinokuniya bookstore is a great place for you to get your hands on the best book collection ranging from a wide variety of topics and types such as politics, religion, biography and others like magazines, kids storybook, cooking book and many more.

Kinokuniya Malaysia

Kinokuniya Malaysia has always been the favourite bookstore among Malaysians and it provides customers with excellent services that you can't get anywhere else. On top of its massive selection of books, Kinokuniya also offers you a quality collection of stationeries and toys. Kinokuniya KLCC is the go-to place loved by many if you love to roam around the store to seek your next favourite book!

Kinokuniya Online

Love online shopping? Visiting Kinokuniya Online is one of the most convenient ways for you to add to your book and stationery collections at an affordable price with different monthly promotions. Enjoy free shipping when you shop for over RM80 in West Malaysia and RM200 in East Malaysia.

Kinokuniya Membership

Kinokuniya members get to enjoy their favourite Kinokuniya books at an additional 10% discount across all your purchases at Kinokuniya KLCC and Kinokuniya Online. Kinokuniya membership is easy to apply for and not to mention its affordable rate. It costs only RM38 per year or 2 years for RM76.

Kinokuniya Promo Code

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