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Alcosm Wipes Malaysia

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Alcosm Malaysia

Alcosm is Southeast Asia's first alcohol-based disinfectant wet wipes where you can get rid of bacterias and germs and protect yourself against harmful viruses in your surrounding with just a few wipes of Alcosm wet wipe. Alcosm disinfectant wipes get rid of 99.99% of bacterias, germs and viruses on any surface. Alcosm is your trusted partner in your daily battle for better hygiene for yourself and your surrounding wherever you go because everyone knows you are outside of the comfort of your home a lot more than you spend time indoors that is why you need to start making it a habit now to prioritise top hygiene and with Alcosm wet wipes they have made it a lot easier for everyone to participate a better and cleaner lifestyle.

It is always challenging to find a trustworthy brand for your needs, but that is where Alcosm comes in by not only being a great brand but also very affordable for the general mass to purchase. Alcosm wet wipes are something you should definitely have in your homes and on you when you are outside as it takes only a few seconds to make surfaces cleaner and bacteria-free and safer for you when you are outside and exposed to a lot of uncertainties that you will indefinitely bring back into your home so by practising this level of better hygiene you risk less harmful bacterias and germs coming entering your home at the end of the day.

Alcosm Wipes

Yes, there are a lot of competitors when it comes to disinfectant wet wipes but Alcosm is the only one in Southeast Asia that is made with 75% alcohol which improves disinfecting and cleaning better and you won't have to buy another material that contains alcohol as Alcosm has provided an all in one solution for you. Alcosm disinfectant wet wipes are also great because they are super affordable and with 2 options which are their 10 sheets pocket-sized pack where you can have on you whenever you are on the go and their 50 sheets pack where you can leave and use at home and your office.

For a packet of 10 sheets, it will only cost you MYR 5.90 and if that is not a steal we don't know how else to convince you to have it on you whenever you are on the go. It's handy when you are using public transport as you can whip it out and clean seats or the rail within a few seconds and guarantee your own safety as well as the person after you. Practising better daily hygiene only guarantees you a better result for a better you and you can set a great example to your surrounding.

Fight COVID-19 with Alcosm

Alcosm disinfectant wet wipes are also FDA certified and abides with all of World Health Organisation guidelines to give you only the best quality you can trust and invest it. Bacterias and germs are invisible to the naked eye so it is easy to turn a blind eye to better hygiene choices but by implying Alcosm disinfectant wet wipes into your daily habit you can benefit a lot from it.

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