Black Friday Malaysia 2024: The Ultimate Shopping Guide

Posted 01-01-2023
Posted by Leanna


  1. Black Friday 2024
  2. Black Friday
  3. When is Black Friday?
  4. Cyber Monday 2024
  5. Is Black Friday Cancelled?
  6. What to Prepare for Black Friday?
  7. Best Retailers to Shop on Black Friday
  8. Combat Cyberfraud on Black Friday


Black Friday Malaysia 2024

You must be familiar with Black Friday, the widely anticipated annual sale that screams happiness to a lot of people worldwide. But why is it called Black Friday? The history of Black Friday did have a dark past linked to it as the crash of the U.S. gold market actually happened back on Friday, September 24, 1869. But now, Black Friday is commonly known for being the day after Thanksgiving and the market is usually “in the black”, a term used to explain something that is very profitable. 

The Black Friday sale initially started in the United States, where it is famous for being one of the busiest shopping days ever as families would start doing their annual Christmas shopping and shop for gifts like clothes, personal care items, merchandise, toys and many other things. However, the trend started to spread worldwide as retailers use this opportunity to draw in more customers to flock their shops.


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Before we jam up your brain with more Black Friday information, let's look at the crazy shopping phenomenon taking place in Target, U.S.A on Black Friday itself. 



Black Friday

Why is Black Friday such a phenomenon, you ask? Well, last year, a whopping US$7 billion was spent on Black Friday alone in the US. In relation to that, US’ giant retailer Amazon celebrated Black Friday 2019 for a week where instead of the traditional one-day-only sale, they extended for another six days so that shoppers could get everything they needed during the highly-anticipated Amazon sale. So to all shoppers, get ready because this year’s  Black Friday sale will bring a bigger wave of exclusive promotions that you don’t wanna miss! 


Black Friday FAQ & Shopping Tips

Have a look at the Black Friday FAQ & shopping tips we have compiled for you to make your life easier to hunt for the best deals in town. 



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1. When is Black Friday?

The trend, of course, made its way to Malaysia and for this year, the iconic Black Friday Malaysia will be celebrated on the 26th November 2024. This year’s  Black Friday sale will bring in promo codes, discounts and countless promotions like never before. Usually, Black Friday sales would primarily consist of giant global merchants like Amazon but now as the online shopping market grew wider, many online merchants followed suit. 


2. How about Cyber Monday 2024?

This comes after Black Friday, which is also a sale after Thanksgiving Day. This year’s Cyber Monday falls on 29th November 2024. What many people would suggest is that you should shop for big-ticket items during Black Friday sale and you can shop for the less pricey items on Cyber Monday as it is usually not as huge as Black Friday. But bear in mind, Cyber Monday is usually great for tech-gadget purchases from laptops to smartphones and even the up-and-coming PS5!


3. Is Black Friday 2024 Cancelled?

Many are speculating about the highly-anticipated sale as the sale would usually include large crowds and the door-stampede chaos. However, this year, expect to see a different Black Friday sale including a set of SOP’s to follow due to Coronavirus. In relations to that, a few big retailers in the U.S have declared they won’t be having Black Friday sales including Walmart, Target and Ulta. 

But, this shouldn’t discourage you because Black Friday will take in the form of online platforms! Not only you get to skip the crowd but you also get to protect yourself and your loved ones from coming in contact with this deadly virus. So don’t hide your wallet yet! 


4. What Should You Prepare for Black Friday?


  • Prepare your wishlist


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This is important to avoid leaving anything behind! Be sure to list down all of your wants and needs, categorise them according to shops so that you won’t get them all jumbled! Always prioritise the items that will have the biggest discount amount and arrange them in descending order so that you can maximise your savings. Don’t forget to add the items that you want to your shopping cart to make your checkout process faster during Black Friday. It’s always important to plan ahead!


  • Checkout Saleduck to discover more deals


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If you are an avid discount hunter, then that makes us two (or more)! Here at Saleduck, we always strive to update the latest deals so that you can shop more without spending so much money. At the end of the day, it’s all about making your purchase worth every single penny! You can simply type in the webshop that you’re keen in the search bar and be ready to be spoiled with countless promo codes and promotions. Most importantly, our promo codes work! All you have to do is pick the best deal that you want to add to your shopping cart. 


  • Sign up for Saleduck newsletter & push notification


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Signing up for the newsletter for every online store can be tedious and even annoying sometimes as it will clog up your inbox so to make it easier, just sign up for Saleduck’s newsletter as we would combine the best deals in one email so that it’ll be extra convenient for you to read. The best part: we don’t spam! To make your shopping experience better, we always send out push notifications so that you are always notified of the latest deals and promotions. Simply scout for the "Subscribe to Notification" button at the right bottom corner of our homepage and hit subscribe!


  • Be early and don't hesitate on smashing the checkout button!




This is it, folks. Whether you set an alarm or not sleep at all, the waiting will be worth it as you get to enjoy mega savings and big price cuts. Not only that, but you will also have a pleasant shopping experience as you don’t have to fight over things like they always do in the States as all you need to do is just click, click, click! Always remember to add your promo codes and always check the website thoroughly for any hidden deals. Last but not least, do not hesitate on clicking the checkout button if you don't want your dream Prada handbag or limited edition Liverpool jersey to be swooped up by the next buyer waiting to steal your prized possession!


Top 7 Online Stores You MUST NOT Miss Out on this Black Friday 2024 Sale:


We have compiled seven e-commerce stores that you just cannot miss out on this very important sale day! To make sure your Black Friday shopping experience is just as pleasant as that cheesecake you mowed down on your cheat day (not judging at all), visit these seven online stores prior and be ready to hunt down the items you covet in advance. This will give you an advantage over any other that just arrived at the event- UNPREPARED! Remember, shopping on a mega sale day is not a marathon, it's a race. You have to be quick and precise!


1. Amazon Black Friday

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Amazon Black Friday Sale will be featured as one of the biggest online sale festivals that are highly anticipated by many customers worldwide. Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon will be having a mega sale that comprises various categories like books, hardware, electronics, food, clothes and the list goes on. Just like the name suggests, Amazon is really the place that you should check out as they have so many wonderful things that you can find within just a click!


2. ASOS Black Friday

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Founded in 2000, this British online fashion retailer has over 860 brands like adidas, Nike, Missguided, Monki, River Island, TOPSHOP and many more. Asos primarily focuses on young adults in expressing themselves through clothing alongside empowering body positivity. Their approach has always been about giving the customers total freedom to be themselves. With free delivery and returns, all fashionistas should check out the long-awaited Asos Black Friday sale as they will be offering price cuts and promo codes for you to enjoy!


3. eBay Black Friday

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This auction site is the place to go if you are looking for limited edition items or anything ranging from shoes to wristwatches and game sets. eBay is famous for its marketplace that features sellers who want to clear out their items from their house. Not only that, but there are also businesses from big to small retailers, drawing in over 170 million active buyers on this shopping platform. So, get excited for eBay Black Friday as they will be having mega discounts!


4. Sephora Black Friday

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Beauty junkies, it’s time to shed happy tears as you will be enjoying great deals for your favourite makeup products from famous brands like Urban Decay, Make Up Forever, Fenty Beauty, Tarte and many more! Sephora Black Friday Sale will allow you to not make any ‘either-or’ choices because sometimes, more is more! Also, be in the lookout for stocking stuffers because, during this period, Sephora will be offering gift sets and cute miniature sets for you to give to your loved ones as Christmas presents. Buy more so that you can keep one or two for yourself as Christmas sets are very limited and are curated differently each year. Last but not least, remember to check out the Sephora promo codes we have compiled for you to redeem your complimentary gift sets before you check out.


5. Zalora Black Friday
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Since we are nearing the end of the year, why not spice it up with new clothes? Revamp your wardrobe with Zalora as you get to choose plenty of international and local brands, namely, Mango, Nike, Vans, Adidas, Something Borrowed, Dorothy Perkins, Rubi, Cotton On, Zalia and Lubna. Whatever occasions that you have and whatever styles that you prefer, Zalora is the one-stop-shop for you to get your OOTDs sorted. Get ready as Zalora Black Friday Sale will bombard you with tons of promo code and cashback deals. Don’t worry about the sizes as Zalora always has the return or refund option! 


6. Lazada Black Friday

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Lazada Black Friday will be celebrating Black Friday with a bang as they will be offering major price cuts from flagship stores like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HONOR, Maybelline, Clinelle, L’oreal, and many more. Either you need a new phone like ‘Boba’ iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy Note 20, or maybe new smart accessories like the Airpods Pro and Apple Watch, Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for ‘slightly expensive’ items as they will be priced at a significantly lower price that you can’t find at any regular days. Seasoned Lazada shoppers would know to install the Lazada app for the unbeatable shopping experience. Why? Because of the exclusive in-app coupons that are only applicable to Lazada app purchase! One more thing, before you complete your Lazada Black Friday shopping marathon, be sure to enter the Lazada X bank partnership voucher code for an additional discount.

7. Shopee Black Friday

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You should get excited with Black Friday Shopee because you will be treating yourself with so many vouchers and countless promotions. Other than mega discounts from both Shopee Mall and the normal sellers, you can also purchase food and beverages vouchers that feature your favourite F&B outlets with interesting deals such as RM1 deals, Buy 1 Free 1 deals and discounts up to 50% off. If you’ve been wanting to do your shopping at Shopee, you could check out stores like Corvan, Guardian, Dettol, etc. as Shopee is the top choice when it comes to home appliances, groceries and toiletries goods. Not just that, sometimes they would even have special Shopee Games for you to try your luck in winning gifts like the famous Shopee Coins! If you are new to Shopee, your day has just got better because Shopee offers free welcome gifts to their new users. You simply have to install the Shopee app to claim your mystery free gift!


Shop Securely this Black Friday Malaysia




The surge in traffic across thousands of online retail channels during this period means a massive increase in sales figures for retailers and bargains for shoppers but there’s a dark side to it as well.

Cybercrime is still a major concern when it comes to online shopping and unfortunately, the existence of phishing cases and fraudulent websites are still prevalent. While this should not be a deterrent to you participating in this year’s Black Friday, being an educated customer is definitely an important part of keeping your privacy safe and ensuring that your cybersecurity isn’t compromised. Make sure that this does not happen to you and be alert when buying products online. Be wary of phishing emails and information that are too good to be true. Only shop at legitimate websites to avoid being a victim of online scams.

Check out our cybersecurity blog post to learn about combatting cyberfraud and how to shop safely and securely. Be sure to shop safely by getting your PC and smartphone equipped with Norton Antivirus so you don't have to worry about cyberattacks and phishing scams anymore!

If you follow the tips above, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful shopping experience without burning a hole in your wallet. Remember, always head on to Saleduck if you want to enjoy deals and savings. Happy Shopping, discount hunters!



Written by: Shary Jimie



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