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Protect your devices from cyber threats with Norton's antivirus software. Safeguard your online privacy and keep your data secure with their comprehensive protection solutions.

Norton Vouchers for Malaysia in April 2024

Up to RM80 off on Norton plans

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Subscribe to 360 Standard's 2-year plan and get RM80 off, no Norton promo code needed

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Defend your devices with the 360 Deluxe and enjoy RM170 off on your 2-year subscription plan with this Norton discount

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Norton Promotions - Enjoy your 2-year plan for 360 Premium at RM90 off

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Secure your personal information with Norton Antivirus Plus and receive RM40 off your annual bill

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35% off 35% off during the 12.12 Sale with this Norton promo code 35DEALS
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You may contact them via a Chat Agent on their website.
Yes, you may do so via the My Account section of your Norton profile.

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Norton Antivirus

Norton is software for antivirus or anti-malware created and developed by Symantec Corporation that has been released and still running for 29 years. Norton is great because of how they identify viruses and keeping your computers safe by using signatures and heuristics. They are also great for filtering email spams and protection against phishing. You can get the software easily via download, a boxed copy or as OEM software. Norton virus is available to run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS.

Norton Security

The 21st century is a great era to live in because of how convenient everything has been invented and designed but it also invites a lot of negative energy as we trust too much in technology and there are people who will continuously abuse that trust to gain information on anyone who surfs the web. With Norton safeguarding your cyber time, you will be able to secure not only your devices but also your identities to prevent identity theft and keep your whole online presence safe. Cybercriminals are always active in the pursuit of creating viruses to attack you at work or even in the comfort of your home with creating malware and phishing, ransomware and viruses as well as data breaches and unsecured Wifi connection. Norton being active 24/7 helps to protect you, your family and everyone against cyber harm.

Your devices will also be guaranteed with multi-layered advanced security giving you the best security when you are doing online banking, shopping and surfing the web. With identity theft protection, Norton will closely monitor in case of threats and provide immediate restoration services to aid you in the case of it happening.

Norton Internet Security

Jump onto Norton's official website to see the latest updates, promotions and types of packages they have to keep your devices safe. There are 3 comprehensive plans you can choose from Norton such as Norton Standard which is the most basic, Norton 360 deluxe and Norton Premium. Norton is continuously providing safety solutions for its customers and has even added on a feature for mobile devices. Be sure to jump on Norton's website to see which type of coverage you will need as they have packages that would cover 1 pc or 1 Mac, a smartphone or a tablet or packages that would cover up to 10 PC or Macs, smartphones or tablets. The prices for each package are affordable as well for the type of security they are offering.

Norton Family

Norton Family is all about keeping your family safe mainly your children and Norton is now offering 6 months of Norton Family free of charge so that you and Norton hand in hand can monitor their online activities and protect them from websites with unsuitable content that would disrupt their emotional and mental growth as well as protect the devices they are on from any harmful viruses and more. You can also balance your children's screentime this way with scheduled screen time and setting usage limit. Go about your daily routine worry-free with Parental Control.

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