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Discover the world of FOREO, a leading beauty brand offering innovative skincare devices and products for a radiant complexion. Improve your skincare routine with their cutting-edge technology and enjoy a glowing, healthy-looking skin.

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At Foreo, you can use the following payment options: AliPay, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Discover, Visa
FOREO operating hours are Mondays to Fridays:: 8AM to 4:30PM
You can contact the customer service of Foreo in the following ways Email::, Contact Number:: 4008369158

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The world's most innovative facial cleansing device, forego your unhygienic facial sponges and clumsy fingers and let FOREO work its magic on your skin. Lauded by beauty editors, dermatologists and celebrities, the device is an absolute must-have for all your daily cleaning needs.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, the company first found its claim to fame with Luna, a battery-operated sonic facial cleansing brush made with silicone bristles as opposed to the generic and often abrasive nylon materials that typically came with standard cleansing brushes. The product quickly reached cult status and made its rounds online amongst the beauty blogger and Youtuber community. Today it remains one of the brand's most popular and sought after products due to its ability to address a multitude of skin concerns.


By applying sonic pulsations and a gentle silicone brush head, the LUNA cleansing brush not only deep cleanses to reveal a renewed complexion but it also targets skin issues such as blackheads, blemishes, ageing and etc. Available in four variations (combination, normal, oily or sensitive skin), the Luna 2 cleansing brush remains the original standout but customers can also opt for the Luna mini and the Luna On-the-go which is perfect for travel and overnight trips.

For an added layer of pampering, the Iris eye massager is an extension of the FOREO skincare line. By utilising alternating T-sonic technology, the device is designed to combat and reduce signs of eye-bags, wrinkles and dark circles, as well as enhance the absorption of serums and eye creams.

Oral Care by FOREO

Another keen favourite is FOREO's line of innovative Issa electric toothbrushes. By combining the brand's signature T-sonic technology and silicone materials, the Issa toothbrush works to gently clean your tooth whilst massaging your gums to prevent receding gums and damage to the enamel of your teeth all the whilst giving you a squeaky clean mouth. Use it as you would a normal toothbrush and feel the difference.


Quality does not come cheap and while the FOREO line of products can be on the higher end of the spectrum, these innovative products are designed using the highest quality materials and technology. Each product that you purchase via the FOREO website comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee which means that the products you purchase are expertly designed to last and go the distance with you.

Outside of this, FOREO also offers plenty of on-site promotions and offers to help you save on your purchase and shoppers can often find some great ongoing deals on the official website such as free shipping on orders valued at $50 and above as well as gift sets for up to 30% off.

To round things up on a high note, FOREO also partners with Saleduck which means that whenever FOREO hosts an online promotion, you'll see it updated right here on Saleduck to ensure that you never miss out on a golden savings opportunity. So to stay in the loop, follow their webshop on our deals community for the latest updates on any deals, promotions, exclusive codes and more.