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This huge computer and software enterprise was founded back in 1939,-- What is HP? Hp stands for Hewlett Packard and it's also known as HP Inc. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, creates and provides a range of hardware together with software components for computers. It was originally from the states (USA) and it's HQ is also based in California. Now HP is a global brand with offices around the world including Japan.

A small insight about HP and the company, the initial investment was at US $538 and back in 1939 and now was grown to a billion dollar company. In the 2002 HP and Compaq merged together to form a partnership (enterprise services) which led to a high spike in revenue. There are ton of people who have invested in HP stock price and also shares.

Is HP available online? Since HP is known to be technologically advanced with their software and hardware machinery-- HP online store is now available. It's made easy for user to log on and purchase items like printers, laptop and etc. HP Malaysia is also online, shoppers can now log on to to the website

Promo codes and deals.

Technology is something everyone updates themselves with. If you're the sort who loves buying new gadgets be it a laptop, storage for your hard drive and etc--it can get a tad bit expensive if you're always spending on these items.

Promo codes and deals are a great way to save you from splurging. So what kind of offers HP online store offers? Get some laptops at 10% off or get great office and students deals where selected items are at 30% off.

Vouchers>> Also known as promo codes, these vouchers can be found on the site itself. It's one of the best ways to save-- plus if you miss out on any, we'll ( be there to update you with the latest offers on HP coupon codes.

Credit card offer>> If you're purchasing something using your credit card-- purchase items like a HP printer or shop for a new HP business laptop using selected credit cards listed on HP to get 0% interest.

Newsletter>> Find the latest offers, HP coupon codes and more by signing up for their newsletter.

Laptops, Tablets, Desktop and Monitors

Known for its laptops, tablets and also desktops HP is known as the top manufacture for these gadgets. Don't fret if your current PC or desktop isn't working anymore, all you have to do is login via your account to HP website and you can book your new laptop or a new workstation.

So what sort of laptops, tablets and desktop does HP offer? Browse through their online catalogue and you'll have options like home, premium, business and gaming desktop as choices.

If you think a laptop is too heavy you can always purchase a 2-1 tablet. Other than that, you can always have a look at HP Monitors if you're looking for a high quality monitor for your desktop.

Printers, Inks and Toner

Also known for its print hardware and software, HP has a lot to offer when it comes to printer and printer software. What are some of the printer that Hp advertises on their website? You'll be able to find all sort of print items.

Purchase the ever famous DeskJet printer , and you can download the printer support manual online if you're not sure on how to download it. Besides, you can also always purchase a refill for printer once you're out of it.


Accessories that HP has are everything from external storage to earphones. Purchase cool looking keyboard, mouse, cable components. Extended warranties plus a whole lot more. You can always buy additional accessories that'll suit your PC and laptop so if you're looking for a fast way of getting in you can always pop over to HP online store to get them.


Call or email the support team , by getting in touch with the customer service team. Skip the queue at the repair center. On the website you can get the online support team. Need help get the number from the website itself.

Other than the support tab, if you wish to kickstart your career with HP, check out the jobs section on the site. You'll be able to see to view a whole list of jobs available.

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