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Microsoft Store promo code

Discover the official Microsoft Store Malaysia and explore a wide range of products including software, laptops, tablets, and accessories. Upgrade your tech game with the latest innovations from Microsoft.

Microsoft Store promo code Malaysia - June 2024

Install Microsoft 365 now for as low as RM22 a month when you purchase with this Microsoft Store discount!

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Get the best PC experience now with Windows 11 Home starting at RM919 only on the Microsoft Store

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Extensive resources

Find comprehensive resources on everything from software to hardware products and services. Explore detailed guides, FAQs, and community forums.

Innovative products

Explore cutting-edge technology solutions from a pioneer in the tech industry. Discover the latest in software, gaming, and cloud computing.

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Enjoy products and services that work effortlessly together for a smoother experience. Streamline your workflow with easy-to-use integrations.

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Access worldwide customer support for any issues or inquiries. Benefit from a network of knowledgeable support staff ready to assist you.

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Students with an eligible university email can sign up on Office 365 Education to access Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc for FREE
You may reach out to their customer service at 1-800-22-0084.

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Microsoft Store

Microsoft brand name is no stranger for daily computer user. Regardless of whether you are a student, working or a successful entrepreneur, some of Microsoft's tool and gadget does come handy in handling all the work project or daily tasks hassle. With its extensive coverage of products ranging from productivity tool such as Microsoft Office to Surface Pro lineup of personal computers, Microsoft definitely trying to cover every inch of demand in the market. has recently released Malaysia's version online store; aims to provide both convenience and speed for the consumer to purchase it via online. Customers who sign up for an account in Microsoft Store MY are able to enjoy various coupons or discount codes provided. On top of that, occasionally, Microsoft releases limited-edition merchandise and game such as Office Trial and **Flight Simulator X **exclusively for sale in their online store.

Microsoft 365 & Devices

Microsoft Store MY houses 80% of the items which you can find in their appointed distributor across Malaysia. Better yet, customers are advised to purchase online there are various numbers of coupon codes created for the customers.

  • Personal Computer >> The latest addition of Surface Pro 4 brought the ultrabook gameplay to another level. Reigning from its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3, the re-enhanced Surface Pro 4 already generating positive reviews all over the net after its launching.
  • Smartphones >> Besides the unbeatable deals on laptops, Microsoft does carry out great savings deals for their smartphone lineup. After the acquisition, all Nokia smartphones are rebranded under Microsoft. This proves to be a positive move as the new lineup of smartphones is a combination of the sustainability element from Nokia blend with the technology from Microsoft side. The funky and vibrant Lumia 520 which runs on Windows shows that Microsoft is in serious business in the smartphone market. The latest addition, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL are already on sale Microsoft Store MY.
  • Softwares >> Almost every person who gets in touch with a computer uses Microsoft's software at least for once in their life. Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access is deemed as some of the must-have software installed in your computer. Recognising it's essential needs to the daily routine, Microsoft creates 3 different packages; Office 365 Home, Personal and Student targeting at different age group and even for mac and tablet usage. Customers are encouraged to use the promo codes they received during sign-up for a further discount for each purchase.
  • Accessories >> Accessories such as mouse, keyboard and security essentials such as antivirus are available for purchase in Microsoft Store MY as well. As these accessories are hard to find in retail stores, customers can easily view the full range of accessories in the online store. The full range of the famous Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, wireless keyboard and safety scanner software are up for grabs now!
  • Surface >> The surface series contains one of Microsoft finest works. This series is one that adapts to the users' preference and contains accessories such as the Surface pen for the more creative users. The uniquely designed computer within this series is the Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Go and Surface Book 2. One of the greatest perks of these devices is their touch screen feature. If you are interested in bringing these laptops home, head over to the Microsoft Singapore page to make your order.

All Under One Roof

Microsoft Store MY is created to deliver convenience to the customers in Malaysia. Regardless of whether are you trying to download the latest update for SilverLight, SharePoint, or one note, the online store has it all. Adding on, there is a segment in the site where it houses all the online services provided by the online store. Whenever you have any questions or inquiries such as the contact details or store location, it will be answered in a brisk Just sign up for an account in Microsoft Store MY and to receive frequent prompts on the latest deals and offerings.

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