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Book cheap flights, hotels, and holiday packages with AirAsia. Discover great deals and explore destinations across Malaysia and beyond. Fly with Asia's leading low-cost airline.

AirAsia promotion Malaysia - April 2024

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How to use promo code on AirAsia

  • Visit, enter the flight details you would like to search for, enter your promo code in the text box named "Promo code" and click "Search". You will be notified if the promo code was applied successfully or not in the search results.


  • Select the available flight from the search results and click "Continue".

  • A pop-up will appear showing the selected flights, click "Continue" to confirm the selection.

  • On the next page, select the package you would like or just click "Continue". 

  • Fill in the passenger information and any other information required and click "Continue".

  • Complete the payment by providing the necessary information and once that is done, you will be sent your ticket via email.


AirAsia Unlimited Asean Pass

AirAsia Unlimited Asean Pass offers unlimited travel to multiple Southeast Asian destinations for a fixed period, enhancing regional exploration.

AirAsia BigShot

Sign up and register for a BigShot Account and redeem your points as you travel. The more you points you collect, the more chances you get to redeem your hotel stay for free. This way, you'll save a ton both on flights and accommodation!

AirAsia BigCard

Users can also sign up for AirAsia's loyalty card, known as the BIG Card to earn points with every purchase. These points can then be redeemed for free flights with AirAsia.

AirAsia Customer Services

Depending on when you're from, the customer support will be available on the phone for most parts of the day. AirAsia customer service also provide live chat support and an E-form option if you have any queries or issues.


AirAsia branched out from just offering flight tickets to including hotel stays. The airline also offers a combined package of flight ticket and hotel stay with additional discounts. With AirAsia Go you can also fly for "zero" amount when you book your flight and hotel together, do check out their AirAsiaGo site for the latest promotions!

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RM5 off [Hari Raya] Get RM5 off on your next city ride booking using this AirAsia discount code NEW2RIDE
RM5 off [Hari Raya] Get RM5 off on Airport Transfers using this AirAsia promo code FLYRIDE5

People also want to know

At AirAsia, you can use the following payment options: MasterCard, CimbClicks, Visa, Maybank2U and more.
The number of AirAsia points required for a flight varies based on factors like destination, flight duration, and booking class. Typically, shorter domestic flights require fewer points compared to longer international journeys. You can check the specific point requirements for flights directly on AirAsia's website or through their mobile app.
AirAsia operating hours are Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00.
All food and beverages served on AirAsia are certified halal, except meals on AirAsia Japan and Philippines.
AirAsia has sales throughout the year, especially during mid-year and end of the year periods. They also have surprise flash sales year-round.
AirAsia's belief is "Everyone Can Fly". They make it their core mission to provide affordable flights to everyone by allowing you to customize your flight experience at additional costs. Additional services include in-flight meals, check-in luggage and more.

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AirAsia Malaysia, with its tagline of 'Now anyone can fly' is a low-cost airline established in Malaysia also known as AirAsia Malaysia. From its humble beginnings, it has grown to become the world's best low-cost airline and one of the most popular choices whenever Malaysians choose to fly. It's no wonder because AirAsia is synonymous with cheap flights when you get your tickets from AirAsia booking online. AirAsia introduced many new innovations in the Malaysian airline industry with its online booking and check-in system, and of course, its heavily promoted cheap flights. AirAsia's ever-popular 'free seats' promotion, where the airlines offer free flights on a first-come-first-serve basis, is usually a yearly affair and has been copied by many other budget airlines in the region.

AirAsia Flight

AirAsia Malaysia caters to both domestic and international flights originating from or arriving in Malaysia, although AirAsia X handles long-haul flights to international destinations. It's made simple via AirAsia booking and AirAsia online booking. If you're planning to travel within Malaysia, we have a ton of destinations too at We have flights to the Northern region of Peninsular Malaysia then take a flight to Alor Setar, if you feel like travelling outside of Peninsular Malaysia and flying towards the East and the West part of Malaysia you can take another short flight trip to Bintulu, Kota Bharu, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Labuan, Miri, Sandakan, Sibu, and Tawau. If you're looking for a beautiful island break then fly to Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Langkawi, and Penang. And for the best city nightlife, for those of you from outside of Kuala Lumpur fly to Kuala Lumpur!

AirAsia Destinations

AirAsia Malaysia occasionally promotes certain destinations heavily, and during these promotions, the ticket fares will be heavily discounted in order to generate sales. AirAsia flies to over 150 destinations in the following countries like the continent of "down under" Australia, a city for its hub for trade and culture Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you're looking for a nice Asia getaway fly to China, Hong Kong, South Korea India, Japan, Laos, Macau, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Nepal, and the Philippines. Take a nice beach break to countries known for its beautiful beaches like Thailand and Maldives! While AirAsia's flights are notoriously cheap, the airline does charge for other services, including check-in luggage, and inflight food and snacks.

AirAsia Promo Codes

Here at, we'll be providing you with the latest AirAsia promotion code, discounts, sales and more. AirAsia is considered a pioneer of low-cost air travel in Asia and has developed a reputation for offering very cheap flights. To top the "icing on the cake" for its low prices on AirAsia online booking you'll be getting more discounts and promotion on your next AirAsia flight. AirAsia discounts are truly something that you don't wanna miss because you can book flights from as low as RM20!

Promo codes will be available during upon your checkout from AirAsia under the payment section and can be used under the E-gift voucher section. At, we're here to provide you with AirAsia voucher codes daily, be in touch with us and not miss your next AirAsia flight to Indonesia or maybe Australia!

AirAsia Booking

With the AirAsia manage booking option, this selection enables you to keep track of your current flight booking -- whether you wish to cancel, reschedule, change flight date time, and etc. It's there for you to keep tabs on your flight bookings.

AirAsia Check-in

Skip the cue at your check-in counter and log onto AirAsia check-in that is at your convenience if you're running late or perhaps you just want an early start!

AirAsia App

Download the mobile app, for both Apple and Android and use it to book your flights online!

Still, the airline remains wildly popular among Malaysians as other airlines have failed to offer such low prices at the scale that AirAsia is capable of. AirAsia's big sales and promotions still draw a huge crowd. Those who wish to secure cheap flight tickets are advised to book early, as prices tend to increase as the seats are filled up. Also, try to book at least a month ahead to enjoy maximum savings.

Psst, Airasia has announced they will be adding Ride-hailing as one of their services, AirAsia Ride. Stay tuned for more AirAsia Ride info and discounts!

AirAsia Food

Since the pandemic happened, AirAsia had launched AirAsia Food to satisfy your food cravings. It delivers to your address just like any other food delivery services. AirAsia Food often offers meals from RM9.90 and free delivery! Simply order above RM15 and you are eligible to enjoy the free delivery within 15 km. On top of that, you can find a number of updated AirAsia Food promo codes on their sites that are applicable to an extensive variety of restaurants available. If you have not used AirAsia Food delivery service before, try it now!

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