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Expedia Malaysia

Expedia is acclaimed for deals, promotional codes, and sales for travelling, and trips around the world. Many will note, that Expedia has plenty of offers plus sale for those who wish to travel to Singapore, U.S.A, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, France and most of Europe namely Paris and places like the "Big Apple" New York.

Book your trips like a Disneyland Package for the family, or perhaps look for a beautiful hotel in the heart of Paris, when you look for Paris hotel on Expedia!

Everyone seems to be familiar with the online travels site Expedia, all you have to do is log on to and choose on your current country location. You'll be all set exploring happenings like Expedia flights, hotels, promotions, and much more. They are plenty of hotels, flights, and things to do at your travel destination with Expedia. If you are looking for more promotions on Expedia, download the mobile app to get more discounts on your hotel!

Expedia Promotions and Offers

Expedia Malaysia is known for its great offers and promotions for your travel and stay to your holiday destination. There are plenty of promotions for hotels, flight and even on land "rent a car" option that is guaranteed to make your holiday worthwhile. With there will be promotional code and discount code generated daily making it impossible for you to miss out on any!

There many type of deals that you can get from us, namely promo code, promotion code, discount code, Expedia promo and also Expedia last minute deals. Stay in touch with the promotions and offer by checking out daily and you'll be saving a ton! For more discounts you should also download the mobile app, with that you'll be given an Expedia promo code with a minimum 8% off on all hotels. Expedia gives you deals such as 8%off to 60% off on hotels, flights and accommodation. Have a look out for their daily deals such as their seasonal deal, where you can save 31% to 62% and promotions like an early booking bonus, where you can save 15%off on your hotel stay!

Expedia last minute deals >> If you're looking for last minute offers and Expedia promo codes-- be it within Malaysia or overseas, do check out the Expedia last minute deals for or air tickets, hotels or even Expedia flight and hotel package that are cheaper and cost savvy. Your booking for the Expedia last minute promotion will be within one week before your travel period. So, if you have to travel at the very last minute, you can always check out the last minute deal.

Flight discounts>> Expedia Malaysia searches the best offers and promotion for your flight within Malaysia and also outside of Malaysia, have a look at the Expedia flights tab if you wish to check out the current deals and promotion. If you you wish to save more, you will save up to 34% when you book hotels and flights together on Expedia.

Cruise holiday offer>> Save up to 30% when you book your next cruise holiday with Expedia Malaysia, you will be assured that you'll be getting the best offers and promotions!

Hotel discounts>> Save up to 20% when you're booking your hotel or accommodation with Expedia Malaysia. For more savings and promotional, book your flight and hotel at the same time!

Expedia Rewards>> To earn more point on your Expedia account, first sign up for an account, and there are plenty of benefits with options like Expedia members special price, redeem points when you book for others or when you book for yourself, earn booking points when you recommend to others such as your friends and family and also the option for your VIP access, for those who wish to travel in first class.

Apple and mobile app discount>> For those who own an Apple watch, or even a mobile phone you can now earn more than tripe the points for your hotel and flights when you download the Expedia app! Do look out for mobile app coupon for new and existing customers.

Other services

Things to do >> If you're interested in a tour or entry ticket to your museum for example, get your tickets and tour via things to do tab. This way you can plan your way around your budget when you're travelling and save more!

Rent a car>> Whether you're looking for a vehicle to drive (a car rental), or you need assistance for a pick up, get on the to "rent a car" tab to book one on your holiday destination.

Expedia travel blog>>> Those of you who wish to keep up with the latest travel news and flights, do check out their blog for updates.

Expedia has excellent customer service, for those who have any queries or issue you can always give them a ring on their contact number +6 03 77249556 which will be available 24 hours, or perhaps you can e-mail them and they will reply you within 48 hours!

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