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Find the perfect vacation rental in Malaysia with VRBO. From cozy apartments to luxury villas, browse thousands of options and book directly with the property owner for a hassle-free experience.

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Rent villas with private pools in Bali from only RM207/night on Vrbo!

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Family friendly accommodations in the U.S. from only RM308/night with Vrbo Malaysia

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Book a stay in your very own European castle through Vrbo!

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Book pet friendly homes in Australia from only RM71/night at Vrbo Malaysia!

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Diverse rental types

Choose from condos, cabins, lake rentals, beach houses, and more, tailored for any trip.

Global destinations

Explore vacation rentals in dream places worldwide, from urban apartments to serene beach houses.

Family-friendly amenities

Access amenities like extra bedrooms and full kitchens, ensuring a stress-free family vacation.

Space and comfort

Find spacious rental homes ideal for large groups without sacrificing comfort or key amenities.

Secure booking process

Enjoy a quick and secure property search to book your next vacation rental with confidence.

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80% Vrbo Promo Code: Save up to 80% on vacation rentals with Vrbo discount already deducted
80% Vrbo Promo Code: Save up to 80% on vacation rentals with Vrbo discount already deducted

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You can contact their customer service via call: 1-877-202-4291
All you need to do is select your account name and choose My Trips, then select the reservation you wish to cancel.

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Vrbo Malaysia

The home-sharing platform's market is growing robustly year over year, slowly but surely taking a chunk of the hotel industry revenue. Homeowners are able to rent out their properties for extra income to travellers that are looking for somewhere exciting yet affordable to stay with a touch of home. It is a win-win scenario.

Founded in 1995, Vrbo stands for Vacation Rental By Owners, is continuing strong in the game of home-sharing marketplace. 15 years into the business, Vrbo is one of the largest home-sharing platforms in the world with a market share of 18% if you slice the vacation rental market pie. Connecting millions of travellers to homeowners from all over the world is one of the best accommodation options while travelling. That is Vrbo's mission.

With over 2 million property listings in more than 190 countries, there is always a place for you to stay no matter which corner of the world you travel to. Vrbo is here to impress you with an extensive catalogue of stays you can choose from on the platform. Fancy staying in a historic Victorian castle somewhere far from town and live like royalties for a couple of nights in the UK? What about treehouse cabins in the woods of Texas, USA, where you can disconnect from the outside world and roast marshmallows around the bonfire? Or maybe you are just an ordinary traveller that wants an ordinary apartment to yourself in the city you are exploring? Vrbo got you all covered. Millions of property listings on the platform including condos, apartments, villas, resorts, farmhouses, castles, boats and more are available to fulfil your accommodation desire.

Fun Fact

Vrbo now has more property listings on its platform than the hotel rooms of both Marriott and Hilton groups combined. Bear in mind, Marriott International and Hilton International are the first and second-largest hotel chains in the world.

Vrbo Rentals

It's true. Reports show that vacation rentals with Vrbo are almost $22 cheaper per night on average compared to booking a room in the hotels. In this case, with Vrbo, you are not just getting a room, you are getting an entire apartment to yourself because of Vrbo's "Don't Share" policy. Every single listing went through a series of strict vetting policies to make sure the standards of all the properties uphold any expectation and beyond.

Safety and Security

If you are skeptical about the safety and security of short-term rentals, Vrbo is one of the safest vacation rental marketplaces in the world. Both homeowners' and travellers' identities are verified to ensure multi-tier security and safety for both parties so everyone can rent with confidence.

Furthermore, with the tools and technology that Vrbo has in place, payment protection and fraud prevention are Vrbo's utmost priority for every user's account to reduce risk in financial transactions and maintain trust between parties that may not know each other.

Travel Protection & Damage Protection

With the insurance of the Travel Protection policy, 100% of your non-payable and prepaid expenses are guaranteed to be reimbursed if you happen to cancel your trip. Vrbo also understands that damages are inevitable especially when one travels with a group of friends and family, kids or even pets. So, the Damage Protection is there to protect both travellers and homeowners against liabilities by compensating up to $59 - $1,500 coverage in the event of accidental damage to the property.

Vrbo Promo Codes and Discounts

We, at Saleduck Malaysia, are paddling hard in the online marketplace water to provide you with the latest promo codes and promotions of your favourite stores so you will never have to miss a deal again! Just visit our site and browse through the deals we've hunted and gathered, or better yet, subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on the latest deals and promotions.

Bookings are made easy through the Vrbo website and app. So, download the app today and start browsing on Vrbo Malaysia to discover your favourite vacation rentals across the platform. Remember, it's not just the stay, it's the experience that comes with it.

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