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Grab Malaysia

If you want to find a taxi or perhaps grab a car instead and can't find one? All you need to do is to use an app called Grab. Grab, formerly known as Myteksi in Malaysia, is a ride-hailing app that began as a taxi-hailing app called Myteksi.

Myteksi allowed users to order a taxi wherever they were by choosing from a number of nearby taxis displayed in the app after keying in his pick-up location and desired drop off location. The taxi that respondes to the user would then make its way to the user's location and pick the user up.

An additional charge of RM2 was tagged on to user's taxi fare, which would then be paid by cash.

The latest version of Myteksi, known as Grab, integrates Myteksi with GrabCar, another app developed by the same company, which is a ride-sharing app similar to Uber, where the company partners with drivers.

Users now can choose to hail either a local taxi or a GrabCar through a single app called Grab.

The Grab app boasts of several features to simplify the user's experience. These include:

• Personalised locations, a faster two-click booking method

• The ability to pre-fill your pick-up and drop-off points based on the user's favourite places

• Hands-free rebooking, or an "auto-retry" feature, which aims to reduce repeated booking attempts if a passenger did not get a ride at the first attempt

• Live driver tracking, with which the user can view the vehicle as it makes its way to the user by tracking the driver in real-time

• A simplified registration process

• Multiple credit card support known as GrabPay. Users can now choose to pay cash or via credit card, and can also use multiple credit cards and easily switch between which card they want to use.

• GrabWork, a function that allows users tag rides that are made for business or work purposes. This function will allow users to collect trip details and expenses for tracking and claims purposes. The user can also use a corporate credit card to pay for those rides.

Promo code and offers

Grab Malaysia is known to run promotions that offer discounts on its rides using cash vouchers that can be redeemed through promo codes that the company issues. Grab Malaysia has also given away free rides and also rides at flat rates, both through Myteksi and GrabCar service, for rides within a particular area.

Promo code>> Here at, we'll be providing you with daily promo code, discounts and deals for your next Grab taxi and car ride. Keep up with these updates on our page, this way you'll not miss out on any deals!

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Other services

Customer service>> If you have any complaints or feedback, you can always get in touch with their customer service crew via phone or e-mail. Also known for their swift respond to their customers , they definitely thrive on giving the best service and response for all of your query and issues!

Social media>> For those who are interested in being in touch with them like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram. If you want to stick to the old fashion way you can always log on to their website

Careers>> With career opportunities around the world, there's definitely a chance for you to work with them. For more details do check out their website.

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