12.12 Sale Malaysia: Shop Till You Drop On Shopee Vs Lazada

Posted 30-09-2022
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Just when you thought you can’t get enough of sales, well, you might want to think about it again. Before Christmas and Year-End sales can greet their way to you, there’s another online shopping festival that is extremely popular in Asia, the 12.12.


What’s The Buzz About 12.12?




12.12 came around back in 2012 and it was initially kick-started by AliPay, which is the mobile payment company for Chinese giant retailer, Alibaba. Unlike the 11.11 Singles’ Day, the 12.12 history was rather simple: it was a marketing experiment on the double date prior to the highly profitable 11.11. They wanted to create another 11.11 phenomenon, hence the birth of 12.12 which fortunately turned out to be a success. Fast forward to today, 12.12 is widely celebrated all over Asian countries. Think of 12.12 as the hybrid of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales so with that being said, make sure your wallet is ready.



When is 12.12 Sale Malaysia?


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It’s pretty straightforward: it’s on the 12th of December! This annual sale is right before the other two final sales of the year so you might want to grab whatever that you need before the items that you need are sold out during Christmas and Year-End Sales. This 12.12 sale Malaysia should bring happiness to all online shoppers as many Asian shopping platforms will be taking part in this sale, even small online businesses so get excited! After all, why would you go through the hassle of shopping physically when you can just tap everything that you need and get it delivered right to your doorstep?

Now that we got you all excited for the 12.12 sale, you must have a list in your head that you want to buy. A new phone, a new dress for Christmas, home candles for gift-exchanges, vacuum cleaner for your mom, makeup set for your sister, golf set for your dad and gaming set for your little brother. Before you continue your list like Spongebob, read the pointers below so you’ll know what to expect from this 12.12 sale.


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5 Tips For 12.12 Newbies

It's already a good thing that you don't fight with other people since's it's online shopping so there won't be any shopping brawls but you still have to be the quickest on the line to grab all of the hottest deals on 12.12. Sometimes, online sales can feel daunting as if it's a survival for the fittest. Therefore, we have compiled five great tips to help you grab everything that you need this 12.12!




1. Have A Budget Planned Out.

Ah, sales. The blissful feeling when you’ll feel that your stars are aligned and the universe is being extra kind to you but all that can turn into a nightmare if you overspend way over what you can afford. As much as you believe that it’s better to regret purchasing something and go broke rather than not buying it at all, the world really doesn’t need a real-life Rebecca Bloomwood. While you might see the word ‘SALE’ everywhere you click, please do yourself a favour by listing out your budget and divide between your needs and wants. 


2. Search, Search, Search!

Everything is literally at the tips of your fingers. Before purchasing anything, make some research especially on items that are on the pricier side. This is crucial especially for items that you’re not so sure about its model name. Let’s face it, on the Sale Day, you are really racing against time to complete your purchase so the last thing you want to do is frantically googling for the model name and right when you find it, it’s sold out. Look for reviews that are widely available on many sites. Once you have decided on what to buy, always check if the respective shopping platform(s) offer returns or refunds. It’s important to be a smart shopper because you don’t wanna lose more money from your own carelessness!


3. Hunt For The Best Deals.

Online shopping should make your shopping experience an easier one since you can hop from one website to another with just a mere click. Before you click checkout, be sure to compare prices on different shopping platforms and choose the best one. Lucky for you, Saleduck has done all of the hard work for you. Simply head on to Saleduck’s website, type out the webshop that you want to view and voila, tons of promo codes and promotions are already ready for you to use. Psst, our promo codes actually work!


4. Finalise Your Wishlist And Add To Cart!

It’s somewhat a part of human nature for you to have a list but end up with something else especially when everything is on sale. Therefore, make the ‘extra finalised’ list so that you don’t go ham when you’re shopping this 12.12. Jot down the promotions and promo codes as well so that you don’t have to go back and forth for the code. While you’re at your final list, you might as well just subscribe to Saleduck’s newsletter. When other websites love sending out emails almost on the daily, we believe in the concept of not bombarding our subscribers with too much email. However, we do give out push engagements often so that you can still be notified of the latest deals minus the annoying emails clogging up in your inbox.


5. Lastly...Checkout!

On the D-day, be sure to be early because the early bird gets the worm (or the best deal). Set your alarm 10 minutes before the sale and this is your chance to put your night owl self up to good use. This is because if you wait until the next morning, high chances are the items that are marked with the highest amount of discount or the best-selling products will be sold out hours after the 12.12 sale is commenced. By then it’s too late to weep about it so do whatever it takes so that you can get your hands on em’!


Shopee VS Lazada

  nov 13.png


You might be wondering, what do people buy from these two online marketplace sites and why are they so huge in Malaysia? From what people have been talking about, Shopee is the best place to buy regular items like clothing, beauty products and other goods. Many people prefer Shopee for those things because they have a wider choice with various sellers from both local and international. Not only that, Shopee starting to get even more hyped after the introduction of their Shopee Live, where sellers get to sell their items and give out special discounts to their viewers. Usually, transactions during Shopee Live are marked with lower prices hence why many Shopee Live session would gain so many viewers who are hungry for the best deal possible.


As for Lazada, it is the best place for you to shop for electronics that are on the pricier side because Lazada has more options for you to choose from. Do you know during Lazada 11.11 Sale, Apple's Flagship Store on Lazada gave out a whopping 20% off for their Airpods Pro? From RM1,099 to RM875 only? If you've been wanting to upgrade for your electronics such as laptop, refrigerator, TV, smartphone and many more, keep an eye this 12.12 sale because they will always whip up the best offer for you especially for electronics! With Lazada 12.12, say goodbye to physical stores trips to buy electronics because Lazada offers the best price in town and most importantly, their LazMall or Official Flagship Stores are 100% authentic so you don't have to worry!


Best Websites For You To Shop This 12.12 




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Malaysian’s favourite online shopping platform puts 12.12 celebration on another level. With their special reward games, deals and countless vouchers, prepare yourself for another Shopee wave as they will be offering promotions, not only on 12.12 but way before that! With their ever-changing deals, when you stumble upon a deal on Shopee 12.12 , be sure to grab it quick because it won’t be there for long as they frequently update their deals so that their customers can always enjoy offers on 12.12. At Shopee, you can head on to Shopee Mall for their official flagship stores to purchase home appliances and electronics like laptop, smartphone and television. Some of the popular brands at Shopee include Corvan, Guardian, Dettol and many more. Psst, 12.12 is Shopee's birthday so expect awesome promotions coming your way this 12.12! 




lazada 12.12 BLOG.png


This is the place to shop for electronics as they will be offering mad prices specially made for this Lazada 12.12 sale. Either you need a new Samsung phone or Apple’s iPhone, you should check out Lazada Mall for great offers from their flagship stores. One thing to note is that Lazada’s 12.12 sale always has a certain time frame, usually, 12 am to 2 am offers so be sure to check out the respective brands so that you don’t miss out on the golden chance to enjoy up to 70% off on electronics! You truly don't wanna miss this chance. Lazada would always have their show featuring their very own Lazada Discount Officer to share the best deals in town so keep a lookout on that!




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Get your personal care sorted out with Watsons. Be it body care, skincare, makeup, sanitary products and many other wonderful things that you can get from Watsons, you should always check out their website because they will be updating their promotions on their website alongside with the dates as certain brands offer a longer sale for 12.12. Some of crowd favourite brands that Watsons have include Maybelline, L’oreal, Revlon, IN2IT, Rimmel, Peripera, Garnier, Simple, Neutrogena, Safi and the list goes on. If you’ve been meaning to restock your usual favourites then Watsons 12.12 sale is the day for you to click, click, click!




12.12 Zalora BLOG.jpg


New year, new clothes and Zalora is the perfect time for you to shop your new OOTDs! Not only for your next Christmas family event or New Year’s Eve small celebration with your loved ones but Zalora 12.12 lets you give your whole wardrobe an overhaul! Shop from brands like Cotton On, Mango, Miss Selfridge, TOPSHOP, Nike, adidas, Vans, Converse, Dorothy Perkins and more cult-favourite brands with Zalora. Not only that, but Zalora also has tons of promo codes for you to choose from that matches your shopping cart so just go to Saleduck if you don’t wanna miss out on any!




12.12 Sephora BLOG.jpg


Tis’ the season to go ham with Sephora because they will have their limited-edition releases in conjunction with Christmas such as their Advent Calendar, Christmas gift sets and the makeup brands’ respective festive product launches. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, their 12.12 sale also covers their bestsellers so you don’t wanna miss your chance to grab your makeup pouch holy grails. From Fenty Beauty to Huda Beauty, Fresh and Drunk Elephant, as we usher into the new year, this Sephora 12.12 sale is your perfect chance to get new makeup as well! 


Ending 2024 With A Bang--Of Deals!


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The end of the year is really the time of the year when you want to get whatever that you need so that you can enter the coming year with new goodies and a bright, wide smile! With the 12.12 sale approaching, make sure you get everything that’s on your wishlist because, after all of the COVID-19 madness we’ve faced this year, you really deserve to treat yourself! Don't forget to visit Saleduck.com.my to get the best deals in town. After you have shopped for 12.12, all you need to do now is wait patiently for your parcels of happiness to be delivered right to your doorstep!


In the midst of mega year-end sales, don't forget to shop online safely so your personal data won't fall into the hands of hackers. Nowadays, cyberattacks are prevalent where these hackers target to steal your bank details and other important personal data therefore it's important to learn a thing or two about cybersecurity to avoid becoming a victim.


Check out our cybersecurity blog post to learn about combatting cyberfraud and how to shop safely and securely. Enjoy a stress-free online shopping experience by installing Norton Antivirus into your PC and smartphone so you don't have to worry about your data getting stolen anymore because, with Norton, the safety of your personal data is their top priority.


Happy shopping, everyone!




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