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Find affordable and comfortable hotel rooms in Malaysia with OYO Rooms. Choose from a wide range of options and enjoy a hassle-free booking experience.

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OYO Promo Code | 50% OFF | 11.11 Sales

OYO Promo Code | 50% OFF | 11.11 Sales
Finding a place during the peak holiday season can be quite challenging. Even more challenging is getting a hotel within your desired budget. Find out how yo...
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Mobile App

Made to be user friendly, download the OYO app. Once you've download the mobile app you'll be getting exclusive mobile app discounts.

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First time customers will get up to 30% off on first OYO booking. Register today with OYO Rooms and book for the first time with OYO Rooms.

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Earn RM 50 when you and your friend has book a room with OYO Rooms. Book a room and suggest the site to a friend by clicking the option. Receiving RM50 on your next stay is definitely a bargain!

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Prepay for you booking on OYO Rooms and get up to 40% off on selected hotels. Prepaid offer is only during limited time, so be on the lookout for it when you're planning or booking ahead.

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Most of the OYO promo codes have an expiration date. Some might run for a couple of days whereas others run for a month. They often have a limited number of vouchers available.
You can contact OYO customer service in the following ways; Telephone: +60 104 011 393
It's known to be user friendly and easy to use. For first timers all you have to do is log on to the OYO website and click on the city at the bottom of the page you wish to travel to. Key in your dates, and pay! It's that simple.

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I'm dedicated to ensuring all the deals you see on this page are factually correct and up to date. However, sometimes a deal might expire or stock might deplete faster than we can update.

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OYO Malaysia

OYO is an online platform for booking hotel rooms. Also known as OYO Hotels, it is the largest brand from India for hotels and accommodations. You can find OYO and OYO Hotels all around the world accommodating to over 190 cities. So why are they so recommended? It's only because it is economical and also easy to use.

With only one hotel back in 2013, their company now has over 6000 hotels around India and some parts of Asia. Prices are affordable and booking is made easy.

Go through their website and look out for city discounts. Depending on where you're going to stay, they occasionally throw in promo codes for different cities around India and also Malaysia.

OYO India

With Hotels over 170 cities across India, booking a hotel with them will be the best choice. Book hotels from as low as RM 30 in cities like Agra where you can visit the Taj Mahal, or visit the centre of technology called Bangalore! Visit over 170 cities across India.

India has beautiful places to see, now with affordable accommodation, you can spend more on tours around India and less on accommodation.

OYO Malaysia

OYO Malaysia is now available in some cities around Malaysia. To name a few, they are available in Penang, Malacca, Petaling Jaya and also Shah Alam. If you're planning to travel to these cities, just remember you can get rooms for a really good price.

Besides affordable rooms, you'll be able to get up to 30% off discounts on selected bookings across Malaysia. Keep an eye on that!

OYO Hotel

Customise your stay with OYO. How does it work? Let them know where would you prefer to stay, followed by entering specific details (if any) and their team will get in touch with you together with your Holiday package.

It's just that easy and simple, book your next trip to India or stay within Malaysia and you'll be saving a lot plus you'll enjoy the perks too!

Other Services

Like OYO on Facebook. Keep in touch with them via social media for the latest news. Besides that, you can also look into getting a career with them. Interested in working with them? Check out their career section and you'll see what would be the best option or job for you. Need help or assistance? Get in touch with their customer service team.

OYO Promotions

Discover more OYO voucher code and OYO discount code on Saleduck Malaysia so you can save extra upon your next booking! Enjoy a comfy stay without breaking your bank with OYO today.

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