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Satisfy your cravings for delicious fried chicken and more at KFC Malaysia. Explore their menu for a variety of mouthwatering options and enjoy the convenience of online ordering and delivery.

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KFC Malaysia has a delivery service where customers can order their favourite chicken meals online or by calling the delivery support hotline. It is also known as home delivery for some people. Ordering is a simple process, after verifying that the customer is within the delivery area, the customer then selects his meal from the KFC menu price Malaysia, and then confirms the order. The order is then delivered and payment is made upon delivery of food. KFC Malaysia delivery payments must be made in cash. The minimum order for delivery is RM15 and there is a RM3.15 delivery surcharge that applies to all orders. You can also check on the delivery time an the status of your order online. Delivery is only during the hours between 11am and 11pm, and may vary depending on location. KFC does not allow any refund, change or cancellation once an order has been confirmed or payment has been made.

KFC Promo Code & KFC Promotions

KFC has a huge following in the country and the company does hold promotions occasionally, and also issues vouchers and coupons for its products. Discounts are also given, at times using promo codes, depending on the type of promotion being carried out. Additionally here at, we'll be providing you with more voucher and coupon codes for KFC You can always download the mobile app to make your life easier and if you want to order KFC on the go, the mobile app is made perfectly for that. KFC is not only popular in Malaysia but all over the world, especially in Asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai.

Main Menu

KFC's main menu now offers chicken meals, combos, burgers and wraps, and a wide array of side orders, including whipped potato, coleslaw, crispier fries, wedges, chicken nuggets, cheezy wedges, colonel chicken rice, and butterscotch buns. There are also family meals called Family Feasts and occasional special promotional items that are available for a limited time such as the 'double down' and 'surf and turf'.

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People also want to know

Most KFC vouchers have expiration dates. Some might run for a couple of days whereas others run for a month. They often have a limited number vouchers available. Check out the latest KFC vouchers here..
At KFC, you can use the following payment options: MasterCard, Visa, CimbClicks, Maybank2U
Yes, you can pay for KFC Delivery using your credit / debit card, as well as using cash if your order is below RM300.
Yes, you can order KFC online for delivery or self-pickup through their website and app.
You can contact KFC customer service in the following ways Telephone: 1 300 222 888, Address: KFC HQ, Level 16, Wisma KFC, No 17, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
KFC operating hours are Daily: 11:00 - 23:00
You can purchase gift vouchers directly from KFC, either through their website or in-store.
Currently, KFC Delivery is only available in certain areas of Malaysia. You can check whether your area is included on their website before placing an order.


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KFC Malaysia

If you love fast food, and in particular fried chicken, then I'm sure you've heard of KFC. KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is one of the longest-running international fast food chains in Malaysia. It has grown to be one of the largest fast-food chains in the country after establishing its first restaurant in Kuala Lumpur in 1973. Today, KFC is owned by Yum Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut.

KFC is known for its pressure fried chicken and has been selling its signature 'Original Recipe' chicken and other familiar side dishes to Malaysians for decades. Colonel Sanders and the KFC bucket are easily associated by Malaysians with KFC.

The menu has a ton of variety to choose from and with the option of KFC online delivery where you can place your order online, and KFC will get your order sent to your doorstep, there's to no surprise KFC is still a popular selection among Malaysian's when choosing a fast food option.

KFC Menu

The menu offered for delivery is quite robust. You can essentially find all the crowd favourites available for delivery; from personal meals like 2-piece plate, 3-piece plate and KFC nuggets set to Family favourites like the KFC bucket and Mega Variety Box.

For those that are looking to customise their own meal, there is also the a la carte option. Start with either chicken or burgers as your main, add on sides like the Cheezy Wedges, Chocolate Lava cake, a large Coleslaw or some KFC nuggets. Finish it off with a choice of KFC's decadent desserts and you have a complete meal, satisfaction guaranteed.

KFC Online

Nothing beats gathering your friends and tucking into a KFC Snack Plate. Decide ahead of time by browsing the In-store menu on From original and spicy fried chicken to breakfast options, find finger lickin' meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course supper. Keen on something to-go, burgers and wraps are great for takeaway meals and if you're peckish but not super hungry, add-ons in the form of KFC's signature whipped potato, coleslaw and crispy potato wedges are all at a flick of your finger.

KFC Bucket

KFC's most popular chicken is its Original Recipe Chicken that is prepared with Colonel Sander's secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. KFC has also introduced other products into its core menu, including chicken burgers, known as Zinger and Tower burgers, wraps and a variety of finger food.

Other than chicken, a traditional KFC meal comes with a bun, coleslaw and whipped potato. The company adapts its international menu to suit local Malaysian tastes, which resulted in the introduction of the Hot and Spicy crispy chicken. All KFC restaurants in Malaysia serve both types of chicken.

Localisation and KFC's strategy to appeal to Malaysians' taste have seen the introduction of a porridge dish and rice as a side dish, to serve as an alternative for the traditional whipped potato and coleslaw.

KFC Promotions

When you order online, you get to save extra when you use KFC discount code that is available on Saleduck Malaysia! Not only that, but you can also enjoy a special KFC discount when you go to their site on various of their meals like sets and also Ala Carte items!

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