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Posted 30-09-2022
Posted by yogeethaa


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What is 11.11?

11.11 is not the wish that you make when it’s almost midnight and the clock shows 11:11 pm, it’s 11th November, an annual celebration that is famously known as The Singles’ Day. This celebration dated back in 1993, where the date is dedicated to celebrating lonely men in China and the date 11.11 resembles bare sticks, symbolic to the meaning of loneliness.

But if you’re single, 11.11 doesn’t mean that you have to be all sad because it is the highly anticipated online festival or annual sale that was actually started by the Chinese retailer giant Alibaba back in 2009 and the rest is history. Last year, Alibaba Group hit its RM124 billion mark during their 11.11 sale with many other online merchants also marking high revenues due to their insane sale filled with mega discounts and offers.




Check out the short 11.11 YouTube video Saleduck created for you to find out more about 11.11 Sale Malaysia!




When is the 11.11 Sale?

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In case you’re wondering, it’s just like what the title suggests, 11th November! Notably known as one of the most popular sales, 11th November is the day when every year, consumers rejoice to enjoy fantastic offers that are only exclusive on that date. Basically, this is the Asian version of America’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping sales morphed into one big online shopping festival. 

On this date, you can find discounts up to 80% off, promo codes and promotions that you can’t find on any other dates. If you’ve been thinking about shopping, booking or buying anything, 11.11 is the perfect date for you to do so if you’re looking forward to making your purchase worth every penny.


11.11 Sale: Shopping Tips

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1. Make a list of products you want to buy.

Whether you want to score a clothing haul, or skincare haul, or if you want to buy an electronic gadget or book your next vacation trip, it’s always useful to have a list of things that you need to purchase so that you can get everything that you need on 11.11. Not only you can plan your budget ahead, but you can also avoid missing out on anything because the last thing you need is forgetting to snag that Longchamp Le Pliage bag which is at 50% off on Zalora, or that Oppo smartphone! 


2. Head on to Saleduck.com.my to ease your shopping experience.

If there’s a place you need to go to check for any promo codes, promotions or deals, Saleduck is your answer! Here at Saleduck, we strive to provide you with the latest offers that are legit, valid and most importantly they are updated daily so that you will be one of the early birds to hop on the sale train! Simply type the merchant’s name on the search bar and be prepared to be spoiled with plenty of deals, specially curated for you, discount hunters! To make your shopping experience easier, just sign up for Saleduck Deal Community to get the juiciest sale updates sent right to your inbox!


3. Add your desired products to your shopping cart.

After listing out everything that you’re planning to purchase this 11.11 sale, just add them to your shopping cart early so that you can simply proceed to check out on the 11th of November. This is to avoid the hassle of searching for the items that you need, only to find they’re all sold out because you’re too late! Skip that nightmare by preparing early for the 11.11 shopping battle. 


4. Set your alarm for 11.50 pm on 10th November 2024!

Do you know that most 11.11 sales will take place sharp at midnight? So to all shopping Cinderellas, you have to act quick because you don’t want to leave anything behind that’s on your list. The best thing to do is to set an alarm for 10 minutes before! If you’re ready to proceed with your purchase, then all you have to do is wait for the sale to take place and you can immediately place your order! Don’t forget to head to the hot deals sections and check if there are price cuts on the items you want to purchase before you proceed to checkout.


Where to Shop on 11.11?


1. Taobao 11.11 Sale


Shop for fashion clothing, toys, home products, watches, accessories, electrical appliances, sports shoes, health & beauty and many more. Taobao 11.11 Sale will surely bring you some of the best offers that you can get so be sure to have a lookout! Most importantly, it is secure and hassle-free to make your shopping experience a breeze! Also, you can check out TMall (Taobao Mall) if you’re looking for products that are official and authentic-guaranteed. 


2. Shopee 11.11 Sale


Loved by many Malaysians nationwide, you can get your clothes, home appliances, electronics and many more from Shopee. Get excited because
Shopee 11.11 Sale is celebrated grandly with multiple vouchers for you to enjoy. With Shopee Guarantee, your purchases are eligible for returns or refunds in case anything happens to them. Only pay when your items are safe and sound in your hands!


3. Lazada 11.11 Sale



This is your heaven for many things. Whether it’s from overseas or local, you can buy high-quality products under one roof. Not only that, but they also have LazMall that houses official stores, very useful if you want to purchase electronics because the authenticity is guaranteed so you can shop without any worries! It’s time for you to anticipate the Lazada 11.11 Sale because they will be having mega price cuts!


4. Zalora 11.11 Sale


Fashionistas, this is your cue. From International to Local brands such as adidas, Nike, PUMA, Levi’s, Mango, Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Bonia and many more, be prepared to look stylish from head to toe because it’s important to always look OOTD-ready! This Zalora 11.11 Sale, always be ready to snatch whatever that has been laying in your wishlist section because Zalora is always extra generous when it comes to promo codes! Don’t wait until the item that you want gets sold out!


5. Watsons 11.11 Sale


This is heaven if you want to stock up your personal care items. With so many outlets nationwide, Watsons make your life easier with their online store where you can just click whatever that you want and wait for them to reach your doorstep. Watsons has some of the best drugstore brands like Maybelline, L’oreal, Milani, Revlon, Garnier, Safi, Neutrogena, Hada Labo, Peripera, Eucerin, Simple, COSRX, Wardah, dUCk Cosmetics, Wet n Wild and many others. This is the place that has everything that you need from skincare, makeup, sanitary and personal hygiene products, priced reasonably which is why it’s no brainer that many would go or browse Watsons for one item only but they ended up leaving with many. This Watsons 11.11 Sale, get ready to splurge on so many discounted items sitewide and to put the cherry on top, Watsons will also be releasing promo codes for you to use whenever you shop for certain brands. 


What to Buy this 11.11 Sale?


Usually, avid shoppers would use this opportunity to make big purchases such as buying electronics, flight tickets, hotel bookings, and many more. But it doesn’t really matter what you’re aiming for this 11.11 because it can be anything that catches your fancy like new clothes, makeup, skincare, home appliances; basically anything under the Sun. 

The main highlight of the 11.11 sale is the fact that ALL purchases, big or small, are guaranteed to be saving a lot because of their major discounts that you can’t get on other regular days.


1. Electronics

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 1.51.30 PM.png


If you’ve been wanting to cop the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Apple iPhone 11, now is your chance to purchase electronics like flagship phones from Apple, Samsung, HONOR from Lazada and Shopee. You can also purchase laptops and PCs from popular brands like HP, Lenovo and Dell. For gamers, the 11.11 sale should bring happiness because they will be having mega sales on gaming consoles and video games. For the tech-savvy, you might want to enter the world of smart-watch as it integrates with your smartphone and it also makes your everyday life easier. Not only does it help to track your activity, but it also gives off daily reminders and monitors your heart rate as you go on with your busy lifestyle. 


2. Fashion



It’s time for a wardrobe overhaul and what better date to shop for them other than 11.11? Shop for new handbags, heels, sneakers, dresses, blouses, pants and the list goes on from these fashion giants: Zalora , ASOS, H&M, and Love, Bonito . Whether you are looking for global, local or luxury brands, these sites are your go-to’s when you need that package of happiness delivered right to your doorstep. The best part, especially for Zalora 11.11, the discounts they will be offering are out-of-this-world as you can enjoy up to 80% off and topped with exclusive promo codes that will make you shop til’ you drop!


3. Health & Beauty Products


11.11 is also the time where you should stock up on your healthy & beauty essentials. Running out of shampoo, liquid foundation, facial cleanser or sheet masks? Well, good news! On this date, you can restock your holy grails from Sephora, Hermo, Althea, FOREOGuardian and Lookfantastic as they have hundreds of brands that are loved by many. Shop your for favourite brands like Maybelline, L’oreal, Garnier, The Ordinary, Hada Labo and more. Do not overlook the health essentials, too like vitamins and supplements. Watsons, iHerb, and RoyalePharma are three of the top choices to shop at when it comes to restocking a boost for your health! 


4. Travel




Planning to have a getaway as it’s nearing the year-end? The 11.11 sale is the best time for you to get your tickets and accommodations booked! As we all are aware, flight tickets can be pricey when you’re flying. Not to worry, we’re here to lessen your burdens! If you’re travelling on a budget, you can book your tickets from AirAsia  and save loads throughout the 11.11 sale period! The next step to planning your perfect holiday would be a comfortable and strategic hotel booking. Book a budget-friendly hotel room from OYO Rooms, Agoda, Booking.com, Trip.com and many more! Whether you need a nature retreat, beach getaway or a city escapade, be sure to check out Klook, Wonderfly and KKday too for accommodation and tours from various destinations with attractive prices.


FINALLY - Ready, Set, Click Checkout!

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So what are you waiting for? Purchase your electronics, clothes, skincare necessities and book your next trip now! Just go on to Saleduck for the best deals in town! With Saleduck, it’s time to say goodbye to overspending, because why spend more when you can pay less? Discount lovers, get ready to shop this 11.11. Be sure to not miss out on anything because once it’s gone, you have to wait til’ next year. Don’t forget to add a promo code if there are any! Remember, nothing haunts us like the things that we didn’t buy.


While online shopping is super convenient other than the fact that you get to enjoy massive discounts, you must also remember to shop online safely so your personal data won't fall into the hands of hackers. Nowadays, cyberattacks are prevalent where these hackers target to steal your bank details and many more therefore it's important to learn a thing or two about cybersecurity.


Check out our cybersecurity blog post to learn about combatting cyberfraud and how to shop safely and securely. Enjoy a stress-free online shopping experience by installing Norton Antivirus into your PC and smartphone so you don't have to worry about your data getting stolen anymore because with Norton, the safety of your personal data is their top priority.



Written by: Shary Jimie



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