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IKEA Malaysia

Founded in 1982, Ikea's furniture is made to function to it's maximum capacity, for example assembling different parts to form a kitchen, or a bedroom-- making it more affordable and bringing out your creative side by allowing you to create your own space! Originally from Sweden, it is now a famous online furniture store where people can plan their new home by just looking at the IKEA catalogue. The absolutely great thing about IKEA is the fact that it's affordable and chic, and also made available online. Ikea online is now made even easier for those who want to buy furnitures such as a new bed, kitchen cabinets, utensil for kitchen, sofa and so on without the hassle of actually traveling to IKEA to purchase these things.

With low prices and discounted furniture items such as, kitchen cabinets, sofa, bed, sofa bed, mattress and storage, that are always in demand there's is to no wonder everyone is hyped up about IKEA. We here at will be providing you with daily vouchers, coupon code and promo code for your favourite online furniture store, so that you're able to browse through the catalogue and purchase your next kitchen cabinet set on a discount!

IKEA Kitchen

With an array of items on sale such as, kitchen cabinets and a handful of things that are essential for a kitchen can all be found at the Ikea kitchen. Ikea has made the designs for each of these kitchen components like for example the kitchen cabinet unique and desirable for those who are creative. All of these kitchen items are made in a way where you can assemble, and dissemble with other kinds of ikea kitchen line, without it looking miss-matched. Check out the Ikea furniture catalogue online to have an idea of how you'd want your new kitchen area to look like!

IKEA Bedroom

Cozy and practical, Ikea bedroom has practically everything you need for your cozy little nook. It features many things like bed frame, shelves, lighting, storage, beds, lamp, double bed, single bed, dresser, mattress, wardrobe, bunk bed, mirror, curtain, and the list goes on. If you're trying to make your bedroom practical, you can also make it into a study room that also has desk, chair, book shelves (book shelf), table lamp, side table, bedroom textiles, rugs and so on. This way you'll be able "to kill two birds with one stone" as you'll be utilising the given space to it's maximum capacity. Browse through their website and check out their bedroom series like for example the Hemnes bedroom series.

IKEA Dining and Kitchen

If you're creating space to enjoy your meal time, it's pretty essential if you have an efficient yet beautiful dining area. Over here you'll be enjoying your feast in the company of your loved ones and being in a place that's has a comfortable dining area with the right dining furnitures. Ikea dining area has an ample of choices such as dining table, dining chairs, cooking ware and etc. If you have no idea how you kitchen is going to look like you can always log on to ikea online store and plan design your kitchen using ikea kitchen.

IKEA living room

Ikea has a ton of items for a living room. Be it practical or just a place to snug into after work, Ikea has it all. Furnitures that are usually a big demand would be sofa, table, shelves, book shelves, curtains, lighting, sofa bed, storage, cabinet, shoe rack, an Ikea Christmas tree and the list goes on. Check out their online catalogue for more variety and you'll come across names like billy bookcase for your storage of your book in your living room.

IKEA Children

If you're planning to do up your kid's new bedroom you can do so by checking out the children section on IKEA also known as IKEA kids. Over here you can find furnitures such as a baby cot, kids bed frame, kids table, plush toys and etc.

IKEA eating

Ikea also has it's own food, whereby you can buy their food when you visit their physical store. They have a variety of food from Swedish meat balls to cookies all available only when you dine in at IKEA.

Promotions at Ikea Malaysia

Let's admit it, no one does furniture better than Sweden's Ikea. Ikea is famous worldwide for its ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances and home accessories. In fact, Ikea is the world's largest furniture retailer.

Ikea has managed to succeed by selling high quality furniture at low prices, and the furniture retailer routinely holds promotions offering discounts. One of the most anticipated events of the year is the Ikea sale, where many of its products are sold at discount prices of up to 80%. Ikea also provides gift cards and Ikea Family membership, a customer loyalty programme where shoppers collect points that can be redeemed for Ikea Family vouchers.

In Malaysia, Ikea has two stores, both located in the Klang Valley. The first is in Damansara, and the second is in Cheras. Both stores are huge with multiple showrooms that highlight the wide array of Ikea furniture and household items.

Ikea Malaysia Sale & Discounts

Promo code and voucher>> As we've said earlier, we'll be giving you daily coupon codes, voucher, discount codes for you to use everyday on IKEA online. All you have to do is keep yourself updated with us, by visiting our website everyday of course!

Ikea offers and deals>> Browse through their catalogue online and you'll be spoilt by choice. Usually with Ikea you'll just have to join the IKEA Family Club and the offers are endless. Current promotions include

Ikea membership sale >> There will be sales going for each season at IKEA, check out their website for more details as if you're a member you'll be enjoying these exclusive sales and offers.

Ikea gift card>> Buy an IKEA gift card from RM50 to RM1000 and enjoy it on your own or purchase one for a friend or a loved one.

Ikea Family>> Join the Ikea family and enjoy exclusive discounts only available for Ikea family members only.

Ikea Mobile App>> Download the mobile app an browse through catalogue

Credit card promotion>> If you have any of these credit card and love buying items from IKEA, you can do so by swiping your credit card on your next purchase. You'll enjoy 0% interest on your credit card. Bear in mind it has to be a minimum of RM500 per receipt to enjoy these offers. The offers are RM500 for 6 months, RM1000 for 12 months and RM 1000 above for 24 months.

Online shopping

Ikea always has its own unique way of doing things, so it's no surprise that Ikea Malaysia's online shop, if you can call it that, is different from other retailers.

Ikea Malaysia's website displays a full collection of Ikea products that are available at the local stores. It even provides shoppers with downloadable catalogues for further browsing.

Each Ikea product is tastefully displayed and all pertinent information and details, including price, article number and general description, are available. Ikea even provides a list of complementing products and downloadable assembly instructions as well.

Shoppers can save any Ikea product they desire into a list, and also choose which Ikea store they would like to purchase the items at to determine whether or not the product is in stock. Shoppers then continue shopping till they are done.

Now here's comes the different part. Ikea Malaysia's online shop does not have a checkout option. Nor does it ask shoppers to pay for the items they have added to their list. Instead, shoppers can print out the list and then proceed to the respective Ikea stores and with the help of that list, locate the products and pay for them.

Ikea Malaysia does, however, provide the following services: Delivery service, bathroom and kitchen installation, assembly service, sewing service, 0% interest flexible payment options and planning tools to help shoppers design their living space

Shoppers living in areas within the Klang Valley can utilise the delivery service, which costs RM80, to help get their purchases back home.