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PappaRich Promo Code November 2022

PappaRich Malaysia - Discounts on PappaRich coffee & meals

Order your favourite Papparich Nasi Lemak for your lunch from RM16.90

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Grab a cup of authentic coffee from Papparich with prices as low as RM5.20

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Have a light snack with Papparich Signature Toast from RM5.60 only!

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Perk your day up with a bowl of rice porridge from Papparich with prices as low as RM11.90

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Redeem and enjoy an order of PappaRIch Hainan Toast with Butter & Kaya for only RM6.60 only at PappaRich

If having an afternoon tea is more of your thing, then you might enjoy the idea of lounging about with a good cup of coffee or tea with a tray of kaya and butter toast. Make it happen now by redeeming a plate of Papparich's bestselling Hainan Toast with Kaya & Butter with this voucher and top your order up with maybe a cup of tea or some nice and comforting white coffee. Relaxing is better when you have the best bites at hand!
Promotion Hainan Toast with Butter and Kaya
Min. Spend None
Applicable to Hainan Toast with Butter and Kaya only
Applicable to Single use only
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Grab this voucher to redeem a PappaRich Nasi Lemak + Curry Set starting at RM17.91 only at PappaRich

Nasi lemak is arguably the forefront of Malaysia's identity, travel abroad and feel some sort of inner peace when you find a place that serves nasi lemak. Make someone's day when you gift them with a PappaRich voucher that entitles them to a set of nasi lemak with a side of coconut curry, a Malaysian goodness.
Promotion PappaRich Nasi Lemak + Curry Set
Min. Spend None
Applicable to PappaRich Nasi Lemak + Curry Set only
Applicable to Single use only
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Redeem a PappaRich Chicken Rice + Braised Chicken Set with this voucher for only RM11.01 only at PappaRich

Love the idea sitting down to a warm and hearty Hainanese-style chicken rice? Share your love for chicken rice with this voucher to be redeemed at selected PappaRich outlets for a serving of PappaRich Chicken Rice topped with braised chicken that also comes with soup and iced tea.
Promotion PappaRich Chicken Rice + Braised Chicken Set
Min. Spend None
Applicable to PappaRich Chicken Rice + Braised Chicken Set only
Applicable to Single use only
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Get RM5 off your bill at Papparich with this voucher

Who doesn't love discounts and rebates when dining out. Gift friends and family or even yourself with this voucher that allows you to get a portion of your bill taken off when you spend more than the stated minimum amount. This is perfect for those times when you are in a rush but also need a quick nasi lemak or kuey teow to go on with your day.
Promotion RM5 rebate voucher
Min. Spend RM15
Applicable to Selected outlets only
Applicable to Single use only
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Malaysians all know this household brand synonymous with Malaysian delights with a humble vision to bring Malaysian food culture to the world. PappaRich serves authentic Malaysian food with carefully crafted traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations. The name PappaRich is derived from the owner, Rich Tan. You can trust that PappaRich is all about quality and freshness by using only the best ingredients for their customers. The best food, after all, is made with love and PappaRich is passionate to make sure you get that on every plate that they serve. Have you ever wondered why PappaRich has interesting decor? It's their way to infuse Malaysian food and history on their take of Malaysia's colonial past and British influence. If you are looking for authentic flavours, quality and affordable Malaysian meals then PappaRich is the way to go.

PappaRich Menu

With Malaysians love for good food with authentic flavours that bring them back to memory lane, PappaRich offers more than 200 dishes and beverages for diners to enjoy without feeling limited to choices. Browse through their menu and you will find Malaysians all-time favourite cuisines such as Nasi Lemak, Ipoh kuey teow soup, Curry laksa, Assam laksa, Prawn noodles, perfect chicken rice, in house baked Hainan bread with butter and kaya, and more! Have you ever ordered their half-boiled eggs? It's perfect in every bowl. Talk about quality! Let's not forget their sweet offerings like ABC, cendol, and more. Feeling like a snack? Enjoy their many offerings like steamed otak-otak, fried dumpling, steamed pau, and more.

PappaRich Coffee and Signature beverages

PappaRich has their own trademarked coffee lines that are available for purchase for you to enjoy them at home as well or to bring when you go on holidays whenever you are feeling a tad bit homesick. Their white coffee and Kopi-O smell and taste amazing with carefully traditionally roasted beans. They also released a stevia white coffee line for those looking for sugar-free coffee. Nostalgia in a cup ready to make you smile. Their coolers are very nice and refreshing when you need to cool down, quench your thirst with their offered selections.

PappaRich Milestones

With a humble idea to bring authentic Malaysian food everywhere, PappaRich has definitely started their journey in doing that. With not only 100 outlets in Malaysia, but you are also able to find PappaRich overseas now with almost 50 outlets and growing. Not only do foreigners get to learn and enjoy our taste in food but if you are a Malaysian studying or working outside of Malaysia you get to taste a bit of home to help with that homesick feeling. A little bit of something is better than nothing! Enjoy and savour a hot bowl of Kway teow soup when you are in Melbourne's cold weather or opt for their Porridge to help ease you when you are feeling unwell. PappaRich is available in Singapore, Australia, China, Brunei, Los Angeles, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand and is still growing.

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