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TGI Fridays Promotions March 2023

TGI Fridays - Latest menu prices & deals

Treat yourself to an Extreme Buffalo Chicken Tacos at TGI Fridays for only RM27.45

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Get TGI Fridays famous milkshake for only RM14.90

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Share the joy with TGI Fridays Everything Platter for only RM266.80

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Grab this voucher worth RM100 to be redeemed at any TGI Fridays

Looking for a gift for someone who's not fussy and just loves to eat? Make your friends and family happy as well as their belly by treating them to a meal with this voucher at any TGI Fridays in Malaysia. Who doesn't love a free meal especially at a place where not only they serve delicious steaks and ribs, but also burgers, pasta, seafood dishes, even their salads are hearty!
Promotion RM100
Min. Spend None
Applicable to All TGI Fridays outlets in Malaysia
Applicable to Single use only
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Grab this voucher now and get one Free Milkshake of many flavours to choose from only at TGI Fridays

Who doesn't love a fluffy whipped milkshake? Grab this e-voucher now and treat yourself or others with a milkshake only at TGI Fridays with many flavours for you to choose from; Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Oreo, and Banana. A milkshake especially at TGI Fridays is sure to bring you or other people to their yard.
Promotion Any 1 milkshake
Min. Spend None
Applicable to Millshakes only
Applicable to Single use only
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Grab this voucher to get 10% off on your order at TGI Fridays

If you've heard about how eating ice-cream gives you nearly the same kind of rush as winning the lottery, then the feeling of redeeming a discount at a restaurant via an e-voucher would come in close. Get this e-voucher now and enjoy a discount per table per transaction when you dine in at TGI Fridays. Having this voucher means you get to savour on TGI Fridays' signature beef ribs and their delicious burgers for less!
Discount 10% off
Min. Spend None
Applicable to Excluding alcoholic beverages
Applicable to Single use only
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Yes, there are currently 3 active deals online. Click on the link to see the latest active TGI Fridays promo codes or promotions.
Most of the TGI Fridays promo codes have an expiration date. Some might run for a couple of days whereas others run for a month. They often have a limited number of vouchers available. Check out the latest TGI Fridays promo codes here.
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TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is an American established chain of restaurants focussing on casual dining. Started out as simply an idea for single people to have a place to mingle and meet. Founder Alan Tillman opened the first TGI Fridays in New York hoping to help him meet single women. A small idea of creating a comfortable casual space for people to meet and socialize became a big chain globally for good meals, flavourful beverages, and, vibrant atmosphere that not only single people can enjoy but families too. The exterior of TGI Fridays is a signature red and white stripes and easily recognised anywhere with over 1000 restaurants internationally.


Serving standard American cuisine, authentic favourite bar food, alcoholic beverages as well as non-alcoholic, TGI Fridays menu have flavours everyone can enjoy as they emphasize on food quality and preparation. They are famous for their fresh food and mouth-watering American classics, their menu is filled with appetizers great for sharing to juicy burgers and meat and delicious desserts. TGI Fridays are always coming up with the freshest new flavours, perfecting everyday favourite dishes, to go along with making you feel like it's Friday everyday of the week.

Yes, TGI Fridays is famously known for their flavours, who can say no to their authentic American flavours and their bottomless carbonated drinks, their juicy flame-grilled steaks and burgers. Their appetizers can as well go with every meal as a delicious side. Enjoy their dishes with their 3 course set meals at MYR 50 which has a complete meal consisting of an appetizer, a salad and a main dish. TGI Fridays' menu is as colourful as they are affordable.

TGI Fridays Restaurant

TGI Fridays are known for their authentic fun and vibrant atmosphere. From wall decorations of signed celebrity photographs to musical instruments on walls with catchy music playing from their in house speakers, they really do make it feel like it is Friday everyday. Their team of waiters and waitresses help make it even more a vibrant fun place with their highly enthusiastic fun and lively personality. TGI Fridays are always very welcoming towards their customers ensuring they have the best service and are comfortable. Dining with your family? TGI Fridays have created small fun activity play books for kids to keep them busy while they wait for their food so you parents can relax a bit more.

TGI Fridays has a way to make special moments feel extra special and important like birthdays for example. They have their own special birthday jingle and tradition where they gather around the table and sing their jingle with a couple of small instruments while the birthday king or queen stands on a chair which they will finish with the blowing of a candle on their signature desserts but with a fun trick! You are to blow it from the chair you are standing to where it is so they could be holding it 1 meter from you just for that extra smile and fun vibe.

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